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A Throne Fit for a King

Chapter 1 – Morning Meditations

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Perseus gazed deeply into the startlingly blue eyes of the man that lay beside him. He felt his chest swell with emotion. Two weeks past, he would never have imagined that he would ever meet his mate, but now he was laying right next to the very stuff of his fantasies. The friend of his heart from his youth that he had spent five hundred years pining after.

Perseus and Jason had just finished a rather vigorous round of lovemaking. Perseus was certain that Jason had managed to rock the ship from the mere vigour of his thrusts. Perseus was a little bit sore, but truth be told, he would not have had it any other way.

Perseus pressed two slender fingers to the middle ridge of Jason’s abdominal muscles. He walked them upward, his touch light and gentle. He could feel Jason squirming at it. In their nights together in bed, Perseus had discovered that Jason was quite ticklish.

Merfolk were rather mischievous creatures. Some fae referred to them affectionately as the pixies of the sea. Perseus was no exception. He dedicated every waking moment dreaming up ways of taking advantage of Jason’s ticklishness. Every now and again, he put his plans into action and ended up howling with laughter right alongside Jason.

Perseus’ fingers made their way up to the firm flesh of Jason’s chest. He tweaked one of the rigid nipples before pressing a chaste kiss to the skin just above it. Almost immediately, he felt Jason’s manhood awaken against his thigh.

“Do that again,” Jason growled possessively. Perseus felt the fingers of one hand rake through his hair, while the fingers of the other traced the side of his face. “Do that again and I won’t be as merciful to your ass this time as I was no more than a few minutes ago.”

“Oooh,” said Perseus, a smirk dancing on the corners of his lips. He leaned his head forward and peppered Jason’s chest with kisses. He looked up with a lecherous grin. “Will you bend me over your knee and let me know discipline, or would you send me to your dungeons and bind me for punishment, oh great prince of the heavens?”

Jason growled again, but this time, something else came with it. Perseus found himself a little dazed. He had been teasing Jason one moment, and then a blur of motion struck him, and now he had Jason’s knees straddling either side of his hips.

Perseus tried to move his hands to push Jason off of him, but he only then realized that Jason had pinned them against the bed up over his head. Perseus struggled, but Jason’s grip was true. All he could do now was squirm. The mere fact that he was being held powerless made Perseus hot with lust.

Perseus watched with great amusement as Jason lowered himself on top of him. He gritted his teeth as he felt his rising manhood come to a rest in the cleft of Jason’s ass.

It took all of Perseus’ willpower to not attempt to overpower his lover and rut into that tight warmth nestled between the globes of Jason’s ass. While he certainly enjoyed being fucked silly by Jason, he also loved the lewd sounds of wanton lust that Jason made whenever he found Jason’s little button.

Jason rolled his hips. Perseus bit back a gasp as his cock slid up and down the cleft of Jason’s ass. Jason pressed kisses to the side of his jaw, and all that Perseus could do, to stifle the moan that threatened to spill from him, was bite his lower lip.

“Perhaps I should sit here with your cock knocking at my entrance for the next hour,” said Jason with a smirk. Perseus’ eyes widened at the threat. “Perhaps that is the more fitting punishment. I would certainly love to know how you would enjoy the torment of being so close to fucking me but not being able to.”

“Hmmm…” said Perseus, humming with feigned confidence. He really didn’t think he could handle such a thing. “Or perhaps I should flip us over and fuck you into the bed instead, my prince,” he said, baring his teeth in a savage grin. He made no attempt to hide the filed points of his sharp teeth, for once setting aside the glamour that made them look like normal human teeth.

Jason’s grin in response was equally as savage, if not more. A heartbeat passed, and the look of excitement on Jason’s face faded into one of weariness. Perseus frowned in concern. “As much as I would love to flip for who gets to fuck whom, I am much too tired from our coupling not too long ago.” Perseus felt a smile tug at the corners of his lips as Jason smiled sweetly at him. “I would rather just lay here with you, lover.”

Perseus let the corners of his lips quirk up in a smirk. “Of course,” he said. Perseus used his considerable strength to break free of Jason’s grasp. He made Jason spill onto the bed in a daze.

Perseus came up behind Jason and wrapped his arms around his lover, spooning him from behind. He adjusted his hips so that his hard cock would once again be nestled between the cheeks of Jason’s ass. “I could always just fuck you like this and do all the work,” he said with a grin, “but if laying here to rest is all that you wish to do, that is how it shall be.”

Jason looked over his shoulder at Perseus with gratitude. Perseus gave him a kiss in response.

A few minutes passed in comfortable silence as the two fae lay upon the bed. They were content to simply be in the presence of the other. Perseus was certainly happy that he had a Jason in his arms. His cock, while no longer as hard as before, was also rather happy to be where it was.

It was Perseus that broke the silence after a while. He turned Jason around and pulled him close. He crossed the distance between them and pressed a gentle kiss to Jason’s lips. It had been meant as something of an innocent gesture, but it became more insistent and needy as the moments dragged on.

When finally the two of them parted for breath, they had aching erections between their legs. They sighed in satisfaction even as they ground their groins together. It wasn’t very often that fae as young as they were found themselves happily mated.

At first, Perseus had not thought that he and Jason were actually mated. They had only just met again after five hundred years, after all. It was practically unheard of for a mating bond to take hold without regular skin-to-skin contact.

Nevertheless, the marks that Perseus and Jason bore on their shoulders were proof that there was an exception to every rule. Perseus had checked his mark often, and only ever really seen Jason’s in the throes of lovemaking. He could tell that they were different now than they had been two weeks ago.

The marks were no longer scabby. They looked like they had fully healed. They had even somewhat faded. But, to Perseus’ trained eye, they glimmered with just the barest hint of Old Magic. It was proof positive that he and Jason were mated, even though neither of them felt particularly changed.

Jason and Perseus squirmed in each others’ arms. They moved their hips against one another, rubbing their hard cocks together between them. This was the first time that they had tried this, and the sensation was intense enough that Perseus felt no need to reach down and stroke himself to fruition. It seemed to him that neither did Jason.

A lewd noise of want slipped from Jason’s lips, the sound followed by a loud moan from Perseus. They looked at each other for a moment in shock as their thrusting faltered. They stopped as they chuckled, only to gasp when they inadvertently started again.

Perseus gritted his teeth. He cracked open an eye and saw Jason’s head thrown back in ecstasy. No wonder he’d felt the pace pick up. Jason was rutting against him like a beast. Not that Perseus was complaining. He loved it even if his own thrusts were lazy and more languid.

Jason’s mouth opened ever so slightly as a guttural moan slipped from his throat. Perseus tightened his grip around Jason and pulled his lover as close as he could. “Fuck,” said the merman under his breath. A moan—his, he was pretty sure—pierced the early morning. “This feels good.”

Perseus reached down between the two of them, wrapping his slender fingers around their rutting cocks. Perseus sucked in a breath at the added heat while Jason’s eyes flew open at the sensation. “G-good gods!” Jason gasped.

The mingling of their pre-come made the entire ordeal less dry than it would have been otherwise. Perseus took full advantage of the fact and slicked his hand up with pre-come before beginning to stroke the two of them in tandem to their thrusting.

Perseus’ stroking inevitably faltered as the pleasure began to build to irresistible levels. He cracked open a single emerald eye and saw Jason staring at him with lust-glazed eyes.

Perseus crossed the distance between the two of them and caught Jason’s lip between his teeth. He had let the filed points of his teeth melt away into the more human shape. Jason gasped and sputtered. Perseus felt Jason’s cock swell in his hands, and it was enough to send him over the edge as well.

Perseus watched as Jason’s eyes nearly rolled up into his head. He squeezed his fingers tighter around their cocks as the come began to spurt from the tip of Jason’s manhood.

Feeling the throb of Jason’s member against his made Perseus spill his own seed. The climax was intense—far more than their typical lovemaking—and Perseus only just managed to hold on to consciousness.

Jason’s head fell back onto the bed, the man clearly exhausted from the their rutting. Perseus smiled and rolled onto Jason, smearing the come on their stomachs and their chests together.

“Jason…” whispered Perseus as he nuzzled the crook of Jason’s neck. “Jason…” he said again when he received no response. He waited for a few moments, and only then did Jason begin to softly snore. Jason’s even breathing made Perseus’ eyelids grow heavier and heavier until he could no longer resist, and he fell asleep.