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A website dedicated to the blog and the literary works of Malkuthe Highwind

Welcome to the Malkuthian Chronicle!

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Hello there!

The Malkuthian Chronicle is a place where I wish to host my stories. More than that, it is a labour of love and an attempt to get my worlds, that I have spent the last few years of my life creating, to a wider audience.

As a gay man, I often find myself longing to see someone like me in High Fantasy stories much like the novels that I grew up to love. It was difficult enough, growing up, to deal with the possibility that I wasn’t like everyone else. That I didn’t like “girls” like I was supposed to. Merely reading the stories of people who had to go through what I had to go through helped reassure me that there was nothing wrong with me, but I found myself wanting more.

I didn’t want to read just another story where the protagonist was a gay man struggling to find acceptance not only from himself but also from his family and the community around him. I didn’t want to read just another tale where the main character bemoans how difficult it is, as a person of the LGBT+ community, to find a partner in the sea of heterosexual faces.

I wanted a story set in a far off land filled with fantastical beasts and myths not our own where a gay man, with or without a lover at his side, could be a hero. I wanted more than just a slice of gay life through history. I wanted epics and heroic tales of love and loss, and war and peace.

This is why creating a place like this, where I can hopefully get my stories out to a wider audience, is so important to me. My stories feature the characters that I have always wanted to see. It is my sincere hope that in coming upon these stories, someone who is still struggling with their identity can see that there is nothing wrong with them. More than that, I hope that those people out there looking for the same things that I looked for growing up, would find them here.