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A Throne Fit for a King

Chapter 4 – Mischief of the Merfolk

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Perseus!” Jason shouted through the bond between his mind and Perseus’. “Unhand me at once!” he demanded. A part of him wanted to think that Perseus would listen to him just this once, but the gleam of mischief in Perseus’ eye told him that help—and the freedom that came with it—was not going to be forthcoming.

Jason struggled against the taut tendrils of seawater that bound him. Wrists, waist, ankles. All the places he could have moved himself were bound save for his wings, but he suspected that if he used those to try and get away, they would be bound too.

Inevitably, Jason’s resistance to the tendrils crumbled. He had been trying to climb out of the chair for the last few minutes, but it was as ineffective as it was tiring. The tendrils pulled him back into a proper sitting position atop the throne, the back of the chair moulding to fit his wings comfortably.

More tentacles snaked out of the watery surface of the throne and wound around Jason’s thighs and his calves. They pulled his legs apart, and up toward his chest. The tentacles exposed not only his limp cock, but also his most private entrance.

Jason looked down between his splayed legs and saw Perseus casually lounging on the surface of the water. All the same, the merman’s sharp green eyes were focused on his own, amusement clear in the way that they shone.

Jason watched as Perseus lazily raised a hand over the surface of the pool. A singular tendril detached from the back of the throne and caressed the top side of his right wing. The look of mischief on Perseus’ face sharpened into one of deviousness as the tender gesture sent an involuntary shiver down Jason’s spine and a gasp out his lips.

Despite his distress at being bound and teased, Jason felt his manhood beginning to rise between his legs. He didn’t need to look down, and he was pretty sure that looking would only make things worse. A part of him had known that going nude with Perseus was welcoming a good fucking, but Perseus had insisted and Jason had not found it in himself to decline.

Jason realized that he was in Perseus’ domain. As much as he struggled, he knew that he would not be able to escape. Just like how he knew that Perseus would be powerless against him in the sky, he knew that he was powerless against Perseus in the sea.

Unfortunately” Perseus drawled, “or perhaps fortunately if you come to see it my way, I cannot do that.” Perseus lazily swam up to the throne. He propped up his arms and his head on the base of the throne, just underneath the V of Jason’s legs. “Also. I’m not sure if you haven’t noticed. I don’t exactly have any… hands keeping you restrained.

Perseus reached out and tapped Jason’s pucker with a single wet finger. Jason bit back the gasp that threatened to spill from him. “I was practising my magic over the waters,” said Perseus, with a devious—if savage—grin, “and then I realized that I was really good at it.

Jason groaned at the feeling of Perseus’ finger swirling around his entrance. It was wet and cool and slightly slippery. It took all of his self control not to buck his hips onto the finger. “And then,” said Perseus, the grin on his face widening, “I realized that I could probably use my talent for something a little more… lewd.”

Jason watched, wide-eyed, when Perseus reached down into the water beside him. With a dramatic flair, Perseus pulled a thick tendril from the water, squirming in his hand like a very lively snake.

Instead of having a blunt, bulbous end as Jason had expected, he saw what seemed to be an orifice at the end of the tendril instead. He narrowed his eyes at the damn thing, and saw that it seemed to be hollow.

The tendril looked like a sheet of water that had been folded around a circular cavity in the middle. Jason could see that water was flowing toward the tip of the tendril on the outside, but flowing away from it on the inside.

Jason found it rather difficult to imagine what nefarious purposes Perseus had in mind for that particular tendril, but he had a pretty good suspicion it involved his cock in some way.

I must say,” said Perseus, with a sly grin at Jason. The merman lunged forward and licked Jason’s balls, swirling his slightly-rough tongue around the sensitive skin. “I am not quite feeling the need or the want to worship at your throne yet, my lord,” he said with a teasing note in his voice. “But perhaps my pet would like to have a taste of his king instead.

Perseus snapped his arms forward faster than Jason could react. At the same time that Perseus flung himself into a backflip into the crystal-clear water of the atoll, the tendril that Perseus had been petting earlier shot forward.

Jason gasped, eyes widening, as the hollow tentacle attached itself to his balls. At first he felt nothing but the cool water rushing over his tender parts, but soon enough the tendril warmed to be like flesh.

Jason squirmed at the sensation as the tendril gently sucked at his balls. He had never felt anything of the like before, truly. Now that the water had warmed, as opposed to being cool like he had expected it to be, the feeling was incredibly arousing.

Jason groaned and threw his head back. His cock rose to its full hardness. The water—warm as living flesh—that was rushing over his balls was, to say the least, exquisite. For all his reservations about what Perseus had in store for him, Jason found this particular part quite pleasant.

Jason looked down again at Perseus and saw that the merman was languidly stroking an erection of his own. Perseus was lying flat against the surface of the water, seemingly supported by an invisible platform underneath the waves.

Jason was overcome by a sudden desire to have his own hand around Perseus’ cock. Perhaps it was the Mating bond, perhaps it was the tendril around his balls, but a part of him felt as though he were neglecting Perseus’ pleasure by focusing on the rapture inspired by the tentacle that was untiringly suckling on his groin.

Jason couldn’t quite understand why he found it so unexpected when Perseus, with a series of arcane gestures with his arms and hands, commanded the tendril around Jason’s balls to move upward—onto his cock.

Jason gasped in both surprise and pleasure, mind reeling from the strange sensation. He knew in his intellect that it was just a column of water, but it felt to him like he was fucking a tight hole. He almost lost himself in the rapturous delight that the tendril brought.

With another gesture, no less dramatic than the first, Perseus called up a winding tentacle from the sea. This one was similar, Jason noted, though its head was blunt and water flowed outward and down from the bulbous tip.

Jason looked at the new tendril with justifiable caution. It did not take a genius to figure out where that one was going. There were only two options, after all, and Jason was less than enthusiastic about the idea of either of them.

Jason pulled away as the cock-like tentacle of water drew closer to his face. So that was where it was going. He pursed his lips and shook his head as the tendril came to a rest against his lips. He looked down at Perseus and saw green eyes looking up at him with concern.

I will not let any harm come to you, my prince,” Perseus assured Jason, “you need only open your mouth if you wish, or keep your lips sealed if you don’t. I swear I will not press the matter.

Jason looked at Perseus for a few moments. He was mulling over his choice. He did trust Perseus, and though a part of him baulked at the idea, a part of him also wanted to try.

Jason didn’t feel like shying away from a challenge. Resistance crumbling to dust as determination took its place, Jason parted his lips.

The tendril reared back, its tip turning into a shape more serpentine than the blunt head it had been before, and slid into Jason’s mouth. The sensation was strange. Jason had never felt anything like it before. The speed with which the water forced his teeth apart was jarring.

Within his mouth, Jason could feel the tentacle’s shape changing. He could feel the crown of a cock head forming with his tongue. Again, the tentacle was warm as living flesh, and throbbed against his tongue just as a true manhood would.

Jason found the sensation rightfully discomfiting. A look down at Perseus, and the mischievous grin on the merman’s face, and the faster pace with which Perseus was stroking himself, told Jason that that was the point.

No matter how much Jason’s eyes told him that the tentacle in his mouth was nothing but a tendril of clear seawater—surprisingly not saltier than a real cock, his mind was utterly convinced that it was the real thing.

Either way, Jason found himself salivating, unwillingly, before too long. Jason wondered if Perseus had thought far enough ahead and made the tentacle do all the things that a real cock could do—apart from being as warm as living flesh.

Jason swirled his tongue around the head of the tentacle, and he felt it jerk in his mouth as though it were attached to a real man. He was impressed. He was more impressed when he felt what tasted like pre-come, slippery and salty-sweet slide across his tongue and down his throat.

Don’t be too surprised,” cajoled Perseus from where he was reclining on what seemed to be a frozen wave. “That pre-come is coming from your cock,” said the merman with a grin. Jason’s eyes widened. Red splashed against his cheeks. He did not know why, but he found the idea of being fed his own pre-come through a tendril of water, was incredibly arousing.

As if his cock was not hard enough yet, Jason gasped involuntarily when tendrils of water began to massage his sensitive wings. At that moment, the tendril in his mouth took the opportunity to slither further down his throat.

Jason saw the glint of mischief in Perseus’ eyes as he thrashed, fearing the worst. He felt like he was about to drown as the water filled his lungs.

Worse yet, Jason felt his cock straining between his legs, harder and harder as he felt the air vacating him. He was choking on water, dying, and yet he felt more aroused now than he had ever been before.

Jason’s vision turned white as the last of the air entered his lungs and was forced out by the water streaming down his throat. He saw stars as he felt his cock began to swell and pulse, spurting hot white come into the hollow tentacle that surrounded it.

At the last moment, just as he felt his consciousness slipping away, Jason felt six lines of searing pain against his neck—three to either side. A heartbeat later, he felt flesh-warm water begin to stream down the sides of his neck, over his chest, and around his straining cock. He could breathe again.

Jason threw back his head and sighed. He had not been expecting that to be so exciting. He was still hard, but a strange kind of satisfaction dwelt in the back of his mind.

Perhaps, Jason thought, he should have trusted Perseus a little bit more. The merman had promised that no harm would come to him, after all. “Fuck,” Jason managed to say in his lust-addled state. He was still aching for an orgasm. As intense as the one he’d had while suffocating had been, it wasn’t enough. “That was intense,” he said.

If you think we are done, Jason,” said Perseus, that devious look returning to his eyes, “We are far from it, and you have much to learn about the tricks of the merfolk.

Had Jason not known Perseus better than any creature that lived, he would have thought the laughter that followed was downright chilling. For him, it held the promise of experiences he had never even imagined.

Though reservation found its way in copious amounts to Jason’s heart, his manhood throbbed with excitement. He had been afraid, when Perseus lashed him to the throne. Now, he was more than willing to recline in it—along with all that that entailed.