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A Throne Fit for a King

Chapter 5 – Ripples

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Disinterest was the one thing that Perseus showed outwardly as he watched Jason’s cock being suckled by a tendril of water of his own making.

Jason, though, could not be fooled. He could feel Perseus’ arousal through their bond. He could feel the fire that had been stoked in Perseus’ loins. Perseus’ want was sharp and pungent. It was scathing and savage, but at the same time, it was also playful.

Jason truly did not know what to make of it, but there were more important things on his mind. “Perseus,” he hissed as he was cheated of a climax for the tenth time in as many minutes.

Perseus certainly took his time to respond. “Yes, my prince?” came the slow, nonchalant, drawling answer. Jason could not quite understand why Perseus insisted on speaking through their mental bond, but he was not about to ask.

The thought that crossed Jason’s mind about Perseus’ stubborn use of their mental link was a brief one. It was washed away nearly instantaneously in a tide of lust and frustration as soon as he had given it any attention. “Hungry for more?” Perseus teased.

Perseus dipped a single finger in the water of the atoll, and moments later a single ripple began to climb the length of the tendril wrapped around Jason’s cock.

Jason watched the ripple as it travelled with equal parts apprehension, horror, and excitement. The ripple travelled so slowly, that the wait to see what it would do to him was excruciating.

He had already been cheated of an orgasm ten times, Jason thought, how bad could it be? Jason realized how wrong he was the moment that the ripple touched the head of his cock.

To Jason, the ripple felt like a tight hole that he was breaching with great care. It travelled down the length of his cock at its torturously slow pace, gripping him with a tight, wet heat that was simply maddening.

Enjoy it?” said Perseus, when Jason’s legs kicked out. The tendrils holding Jason in place held. He had not expected the ripple to feel that good.

Jason found himself wanting more of it. The ripple bounced at the base of his cock and travelled up his length at the same maddeningly slow pace. It drove Jason insane with want and need.

Jason licked his lips as the ripple left the head of his cock and moved back down the tentacle. Jason grunted and squirmed against his bonds when the ripple didn’t didn’t disappear after leaving his cock.

Jason expected a replacement for it. Wanted a replacement for it. Halfway down the tentacle, it still hadn’t disappeared. Three-fourths of the way down, it was still there. The only time it left his sight was when it sank down below the waves and he heard a mischievous chuckle echo in his mind.

A heartbeat later, two ripples, spaced about a hand apart, began to rise from the water of the atoll. “Excited?” Perseus commented with amusement. Jason’s eyes were riveted to the ripples.

The teasing was not entirely unwelcome to Jason, but he did not need to be reminded of just how easily it was for Perseus to reduce him to his base instincts. The intense pleasure and the denial that followed, had lowered him to salivating from the thought of those two ripples stroking his cock.

Jason whimpered around the tentacle in his mouth as the first of the two ripples struck the head of his cock. It was tight. It was wet. Just like the first. Above all, it was warm. Jason felt like a tight hole was being thrust onto his cock, and he struggled against his bonds in a vain attempt to thrust into it.

The watery tendrils that held Jason were far too strong. He was powerless in this territory. His bonds held tight. He even felt them spread his legs further apart, full them further back to thrust his butt out at Perseus.

I must admit,” Perseus drawled with deceptively sweet honey laced through it, “I am rather fond of seeing you like this. The mighty son of Jupiter reduced to a base creature desperate to get his rocks off…” Perseus’ words were like a drug to Jason, a mental caress that made his already-hard cock even harder.

Jason felt his shoulders sink deeper into the back of the chair as the throne and its restraining tendrils pulled him into a more diagonal position. He couldn’t help but think to himself that it was becoming increasingly easier for Perseus to shove a tentacle in his ass, too.

Truth be told, Jason wanted that, too. His eyes widened when he saw three ripples on the way to his poor cock. They flowed down the length of his straining shaft. The first raised his arousal. The second brought him to the edge. The third would have tipped him over, if it hadn’t slowed at the last moment and denied him his climax.

Jason was beyond words, the constant teasing having reduced his normally-sharp wit to a single all-encompassing thought. A single need. “Want to come,” he growled at Perseus through the bond that they shared.

Perseus looked at Jason, the expression on his face wistful. Not that Jason particularly cared. He just wanted to come.Alas,” said Perseus with a dramatic sigh, “I rather love your sharp wit, and prefer it to your animal grunts.

Jason watched as Perseus took a deep breath. He could feel Perseus drinking in the heady arousal that was flowing liberally from him through their bonded minds.

Jason strained against his restraints as he saw Perseus’ hand moving faster and faster up and down the merman’s rigid cock. He felt Perseus riding the edge in their mental link, and he responded with growls and snarls. A primal protest at the unfairness of their two circumstances.

Perseus raised an eyebrow at Jason and bared teeth at him in a savage, mischievous merfolk grin. Perseus pumped his cock up and down until he brought himself to a shivering climax, white seed spurting over his muscled chest and mingling with the sea-water that washed over it.

Jason’s eyes widened. His nostrils flared. He felt the tendrils binding him dig into his arms and legs as he bucked against them to try and fuck the tendril that was currently partaking of his flesh. It was not to be. Perseus was infinitely more powerful than him in the sea.

Jason’s attention had been diverted long enough that he hadn’t noticed the four ripples making their way for his cock. They travelled over his straining flesh. The mental roar of anguish and frustration that was ripped from him by their passage sent Perseus sprawling into the water. It also managed to take Perseus’ waning arousal back in full force.

Jason had seen Perseus’ cock slip back into his slit, but now it was poking out again. Cock straining for freedom, Perseus sat up among the waves and gestured with a single hand.

Jason gasped with relief as the suction around his cock let up just a little. He allowed his head to fall forward, chest heaving from his vain effort to pursue his climax.

The reprieve briefly allowed rational thought to return to Jason’s mind. “Fuck,” Jason rasped, no longer able to contain himself. All semblance of restraint had been abandoned by the wayside. “Please, Perseus,” Jason begged, “Let me come.

The merman clucked his tongue and dove forward into the water. Jason watched as Perseus swam up to the throne and propped his arms and head up on the seat. “Begging already, my prince?” said Perseus.

Jason gritted his teeth as Perseus dragged a single fingernail down along the curve of Jason’s raised legs. It felt good. Too good to be natural. Jason thought that was to be it, but Perseus was not done with him yet.

The merman lowered his face to the tentacle that was wrapped around Jason’s cock and breathed on it, creating five ripples that were each about an inch apart. They surged down the length of the tendril, what they were about to do no secret to either man.

Jason watched with terror as the ripples approached his thick manhood. He had found the first slow ripple pleasurable, but now he knew that the ripples carried only the empty promise of climax.

Jason looked at Perseus, blue eyes wide with pleading. “Please,” he gasped into the link between them, “no.” Too late. Jason gasped as the ripples washed over the crown of his manhood, eyes glassing over with pleasure as the ripples stroked him, bringing him tantalizingly close to spilling his seed but not quite taking him there.

Five strokes. It was not enough. It was never enough. Jason surged forward. His bonds held strong and pulled him back. Instead of the words that he had cooked up, all he could send through his link with Perseus was a low, gravelly growl.

You animal,” said Perseus, the corners of his lips quirking up in his characteristic lopsided smirk. “But you and I,” said Perseus, the mischief plain in his voice, “have only just begun.

Jason’s breath caught in his throat as Perseus raised a finger in front of his face. What did it mean? He went cross-eyed at the sight of it. His cock pulsed. His mind raced with the possibilities of what the gesture meant. The finger dipped down and then swung suddenly upward.

Jason’s eyes widened—nearly popped out of their sockets—when he felt cool seawater rushing up from the seat of the throne and onto his twitching entrance. Perseus would not dare, he thought to himself, but the water trying to get inside him was proof positive that Perseus would.

Jason clenched his entrance, trying to squeeze it shut. But what was he to do against the might of the sea made incarnate in a single merman? He felt the water take on a more solid form. It began prodding playfully at his pucker. A loose tendril of rushing water, unlike the gentle flowing ones around his cock and down his throat.

Jason’s resistance was ultimately futile. He felt his entrance give way, and the breath left him as a flesh-warm tentacle pushed into his passage despite his best efforts. He gasped as he was breached, and once again his mind was fooled into thinking that he was being fucked by a real flesh-and-blood cock.

Except, this tentacle did something that a normal cock would not have done. It kept going. And going. And going. He could feel the seawater, seemingly stripped of much of its salt, rushing into his intestines. The water scrubbed the walls of his guts and scoured him clean.

Just as quickly as the water had entered him, it left. It took with it whatever detritus had been inside Jason. Thankfully, he did not see it as Perseus’ head and beautiful green eyes were in the way of the likely-grotesque sight.

His legs spread apart in a ‘V,’ folded back almost all the way past his shoulders, arms pinned to the back of the throne, Jason was powerless to stop Perseus from doing anything to him.

The merman bared his savage teeth and grazed them along the tender curve of Jason’s inner thigh. Jason hissed at the pain, but also whimpered at the pleasure that surged after it. Jason threw his head back and groaned around the watery tentacle shoved down his throat.

So sweet,” said Perseus, absent-mindedly scraping his teeth along Jason’s sensitive skin. His tongue swiped against the wounds, the spit almost instantly healing the raw skin that was left behind.

Jason bit back a moan as he felt Perseus’ teeth come to a halt on the tender flesh of his buttocks. He felt them sink in, warmth seeping in a trickle from him into Perseus’ mouth. “So salty,” said Perseus.

Jason raised his head and looked down into green eyes flashing with amusement at his reactions. Jason managed a triumphant grin for only a moment before Perseus dipped a finger in the tentacle still wrapped around his cock and summoned ten ripples that immediately commanded all of his attention.

The first of the ripples encircled Jason’s cock-head. It was hot. Tight. Breath-taking. Perseus dove between his legs and started to kiss his puckered entrance. A heartbeat later, and the kisses were replaced by a rough merman tongue swirling around his hole. Jason squirmed with discomfort at the stimulation of his cock, but he loved every moment of what Perseus was doing to his entrance.

It was one thing when Perseus’ human tongue was on Jason’s hole. He loved that just as much. It always felt tender and loving. There was something about Perseus’ merman tongue that was different. There was still tenderness threaded through the gesture. Jason didn’t think that was avoidable, but getting his ass eaten out by Perseus in his true form was almost brutal. Savage. Animalistic.

Jason had not always known that there was this side to Perseus. Capricious. Mischievous. Now that he had had a taste of it, it sent his blood boiling. He couldn’t get enough. Though, truth be told, he would have their next encounter be on a more even playing field.