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A Throne Fit for a King

Chapter 6 – A Bet's a Bet

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Despite himself, Jason whimpered when Perseus left his hole, twitching and slightly raw. He had loved feeling Perseus’ rough merman tongue swirling around that tender spot. He had enjoyed the way that Perseus’ tongue had pushed through his pucker to taste him inside as well as out.

Had he the liberty to, Jason knew that he would have reached down and held Perseus there. He knew that Perseus would not have minded. He had felt just how much Perseus loved the dirty act, too. Unfortunately, as it was, he was trussed up and able to move little, if at all.

Jason felt a thread of curiosity wind its way through his thoughts. What was coming next? This was all foreign territory for him, though not for Perseus, it seemed.

Try as he might, Jason knew he couldn’t predict what was coming next. The merfolk were as mercurial as the seas, and the bond he shared with Perseus revealed little of the merman’s intent. Perseus’ arousal, perhaps, but nothing of what was to come.

Jason was not left wondering for too long. A flash of mischief in Perseus’ eyes and a laugh through their bond were all the warning that Jason got.

A heartbeat later, Jason felt rushing water pressing up against his pucker once again. Perseus’ tongue had left him slightly raw and unable to resist the pressure. He sucked in water as he was breached, but the tendril in his ass felt different. This one felt more solid. More phallic.

Jason’s eyes widened in realization. Then a smile crossed his lips. The tentacle in him did not rush through his guts like the previous one. This one moved in, and then pulled out. It began to fuck him. In. Out. In. Out. As languid a pace as the waves rippling across the surface of the atoll.

In. Out. It was a slow and langorous fuck at first, just like the ripples that Jason had learned to crave and hate at the same time. The motion of the tentacle buried deep inside him was exquisite, but at the same time torturous.

The tentacle began to pick up its pace. At first, Jason did not notice, but eventually, the effect became prominent. With each inward stroke, the tentacle was worming its way deeper into him. He could already feel the head of it poking at his insides.

Jason thought that was what Perseus had in store for him, excruciatingly slow impalement, but that was not all. He felt the tentacle shift. At first he could not comprehend what was happening, and then he felt them. Smaller tendrils detaching from the larger one.

Before Jason could get the chance to ask Perseus what was going on, he found out. The tendrils darted right for his button, and all he could manage in the end was a strangled scream around the watery cock buried deep in his throat.

A squeal followed. Then a whimper. The massage on Jason’s prostate was relentless. Jason had not known that Perseus had this kind of exquisite control over water, though then again, he supposed this was what Perseus had been practising.

The relentless stimulation was almost too much for Jason. He whimpered, and begged without words for the chance to come. It was maddening. He had been on the edge for so long, but Perseus simply refused to give him that gentle push that would topple him.

Please, Perseus,” Jason begged. His mental voice was strained from the frustration of being teased and denied over and over and over again. “Let me come, please,” he begged.

Hush,” Perseus cooed in Jason’s mind. Jason’s eyes grew wide as he felt the head of the watery cock in his ass flood into his guts. It was gentle, unlike the scouring torrent of the earlier tendril, but it was still foreign. It was also incredibly arousing.

Perseus leaned forward onto the throne and splayed his hands to either side of Jason’s abdomen. The merman’s thumbs rubbed over Jason’s belly, slightly distended from the water that had flooded his insides.

Jason gasped when he felt the watery tendril breach his stomach. He could feel and see the head of it pressing against his abdomen.

It was grotesque but at the same time arousing to see what looked like a gigantic snake wriggling in his belly. “Look at you,” Perseus drawled as he examined the fine work that he was doing. He was humming under his breath, admiring of the way that Jason looked so swollen. “So desperate to come. So full of water…

Perseus’ hand plunged through the tentacle that had swallowed Jason’s cock and squeezed. Jason whimpered at the sensation. “You like being this way, don’t you? Full to the brim. Unable to do anything to bring yourself to that climax you are so desperate for.

Have you ever wondered,” said Perseus, with a devious grin, “what it feels like to be impaled?” Jason squirmed with obvious discomfort as he felt the tendril that had been lodged in his throat begin to wriggle down toward his stomach. “A single stream of water going in through the ass and out the mouth…” Perseus bared his teeth in a savage merman grin.

Jason tried to move out of the way as Perseus darted forward, slender fingers wrapping around his throat. Jason whimpered as he felt thumbs rubbing at the centre of his throat, coaxing him open, guiding the tentacle even lower down.

Jason felt the tendril behind his sternum, travelling ever lower as it followed Perseus’ hands. And then, it entered his stomach. There, the tendril splashed against the one that had entered him from the other end, the water mingling and filling him to the brim.

Jason was at first horrified by the sensation. A heartbeat passed, and he was set aflame with pleasure. From the middle of his swollen stomach, a pleasant tingling wound its way through his body down to the very tips of his fingers.

Jason had not expected such an experience. He did not know how to handle it. His entire body went rigid as a board, cock straining as it was released from the grip of the tendril that had been wrapped around it for the better part of an hour.

How do you like that, Jason?” said Perseus, whirling his arms about himself. Jason watched with horrified intrigue as each fluid movement made the tingling sensation wax and wane on different parts of his body.

Jason felt as though Perseus had somehow taken control of his arousal. With each sweep of Perseus’ arms from right to left, Jason felt pleasure wash over him in the same direction.

Perseus changed the motions. He spun his arms from left to right this time. Jason cried out in ecstasy, the effect of the motion just as powerful as before. “Quite a lot, I can tell,” said Perseus with a smirk. Perseus raised his arms. Jason’s back followed suit, arching off of the throne as the pleasure reached a crescendo.

Perseus lowered his arms, and Jason slammed back down on his seat, still unfulfilled. Perseus darted forward and captured Jason’s cock with his fingers. Dizzy from the incredible thing he had just experienced, Jason looked down at the fingers wrapped around him and moaned. “Thank you,” he breathed in relief.

What makes you think we are done?” said Perseus. Jason could almost hear the maniacal laughter that never actually came. “We are only just beginning, my prince.” There was a smirk on Perseus’ face that Jason, had he had the strength, would have slapped away.

We had a bet, my Mate,” said Perseus, his other hand dipping between the ‘V’ of Jason’s legs. Jason felt Perseus’ fingers tapping against his pucker. “I fully intend on taking my payment right now,” said Perseus, with a savage grin.

A tiny sound slipped from Jason’s lips as he felt the water begin to drain out of him. It was a gentle trickle at first, and then it all rushed out of him. He was left gasping for breath around the tentacle of water that was shoved down his throat.

With great effort, Jason raised his head to look at Perseus. The merman once again made arcane gestures with his arms, whirling them over his head and to either side.

Jason prepared himself for the worst. More torment. More teasing. More cheated climaxes. This time, though, nothing happened to him. Instead, he got to watch with horrified curiosity, as a bulge formed in the water around Perseus’ waist.

A swell of water began to build underneath Perseus, raising him from the surface of the atoll inch by excruciating inch. The pillar swirled around Perseus ever so slowly, the current washing over the exposed tip of his tail.

Jason squinted in the sunlight as he followed Perseus’ way up and over his throne. The merman loomed over him, menacing and arousing all at once. On Perseus’ face was a self-satisfied smirk that made Jason’s insides tingle. Moments later, he found himself face-to-face with an engorged merman cock.

Perseus moved his arms in great arcing downward loops. The swell of water underneath him began to shrink, lowering him toward the atoll. Jason knew that he need not guess what it was that Perseus was doing such a thing. A heartbeat later he felt the tapered end of Perseus’ cock perched on the threshold of his most sacred passage.

Time to pay up, my prince,” said Perseus, leaning forward to nibble on the lobe of Jason’s ear. Jason felt Perseus’ slender fingers wrap around his calves and push them back, exposing his already-open hole even more.

Had he had the luxury, Jason would have come up with a clever quip in response. Perseus thought it best to not give him even that. All thought left Jason. His eyes glazed over. His jaw went slack. All at once, the breath was stolen from his lungs in a rush as Perseus pushed into him and set every fibre of his being alight.

You feel so good,” Perseus whispered, teeth still latched around the lobe of Jason’s ear. Jason couldn’t respond but with a moan and a trembling of his hips. Perseus pulled away and grinned at him, eyes twinkling with a wicked promise.

So eager to come. So eager to please…” Perseus’ drawling words through their link only served to make Jason hotter with desire. Jason thrust his hips at Perseus, but all he could manage was a wiggle of his butt. The motion made the head of Perseus’ cock brush against his prostate, but it did not accomplish what he wanted.

Jason whimpered. “You want me?” said Perseus, teasingly thrusting his cock halfway into Jason before removing it almost entirely. “You want all of me?

Jason felt his cock throb. He felt the glob of pre-come sliding down the side of his shaft. “Yes,” he rasped, ass clenching around what little fraction of Perseus’ length was inside of him. “Fuck, yes.” he groaned.

Then you will learn to wait,” said Perseus, assertively. Jason let his head fall back and closed his eyes. This was how it was going to be. He felt Perseus’ cock slowly prying him open, but that was not what sent a shiver up his spine.

Jason moaned at the sensation of Perseus’ rough tongue on his Mating mark, the puncture wounds that had taken on an iridescent sheen the colour of Perseus’ eyes. Jason cried out, swallowing the tentacle in his throat even further as Perseus bit down on the mark and spilled his fae blood.

Jason’s cock began to swell between his legs. He felt the orgasm he had been thus far denied swell, and then ebb without warning. He whimpered. He knew it was Perseus’ doing. “Not so fast, my prince,” Perseus drawled in his mind’s ear, “The fun has only just begun.

Jason’s eyes flew open. His legs stiffened and even twitched as Perseus slammed into him without mercy. Jason cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure as his hole was stretched by the wide base of Perseus’ cock.

Jason leaned forward and bit into the side of Perseus’ neck as the merman began to rut into him. Each stroke slid against his prostate, prodded it, poked it. His entire body felt as though it were on fire, and Perseus’ teeth around his mark certainly did not help that one bit. “Please, Perseus!” Jason cried out as he felt another orgasm building up in his balls.

Come for me, my prince,” said Perseus, after what felt like an eternity of silence for Jason. “Come.” With a guttural mental roar, Jason felt himself stiffen and come with a force that he himself had not expected.

Spurts of hot white come splashed against Perseus’ abdomen, Jason’s chest, and Jason’s chin. Jason let go of Perseus’ neck, leaving a bite mark where he had grabbed hold of it.

Jason panted, still aroused by the unceasing thrusts into his most private passage. He felt the tendril of water leave his throat, and as his ass spasmed around Perseus’ cock, he heard the merman’s voice in his mind say, “Moan for me, my princely slut. Moan for me.

Jason whimpered when he felt Perseus’ cock leave him, but nothing could have prepared him for the downright vicious way that Perseus flipped him over and pressed him against the back rest of the chair.

Jason swung his arms around the back of the throne and moaned as loud as he could when he felt Perseus’ cock ram home. His own cock rose to attention again, a bead of come falling from the tip into the water below.

Jason hadn’t thought Perseus’ fucking couldn’t get any more savage, but he was wrong. Perseus picked up his pace, the wide base of his cock forcing Jason open time and time again as the fae cried out.

Jason felt his wings being crushed against his sides, but despite the pain, the pleasure was overwhelming. He moaned and moaned again until he felt another orgasm—that should not have been possible—begin to simmer in his loins.

That’s it,” said Perseus, voice somehow both taunting and soothing at the same time. “Come for me again. Milk me for all I have.

Jason’s head swam as he heard Perseus’ roar of pleasure. Perseus bit down harder on his Mating mark and sent a shiver of pleasure along his spine.

It was the strangest sensation. The first thing that Jason felt was a tingling in his button, then a spasm in his ass. Then, blinding pleasure.

Jason felt the sensation travel up through his balls and into his cock. Perseus bit down even harder on the mark, almost deep enough to tear off a chunk of Jason’s flesh, and yet, Jason found himself coming harder than he had before.

Whatever seed did not land on Jason’s face slammed into the back of the watery throne, but the pleasure was not yet done. He felt Perseus’ cock swell inside of him as Perseus slammed it into him one last time. He moaned like a cheap whore as he felt the first spurt of merman seed slam into him.

It was like the first time that they had mated all over again. The jets of Perseus’ come were powerful beyond belief, and Jason felt his legs weaken and give way underneath him as he was filled to the brim with his lover’s come. Thankfully, there were tendrils of water there to support his weight along with Perseus’.

Jason whimpered with satisfaction as Perseus sagged against him. He felt Perseus’ rough tongue against his mark, sealing it again. He could only imagine what it would look like now that it had been reopened and resealed. “You were so good for me,” said Perseus, “we should do this more often…

A single finger stroked the side of Jason’s face fondly. He leaned into it and smiled. “We should,” he said, with a happy sigh. “You’re still inside me, you know,” he said.

I bet you would not have it any other way,” Perseus drawled. Jason’s eyes widened as Perseus whirled him around. He felt himself twist on Perseus’ still-hard merman cock and moaned.

Perseus sat down on the throne and grinned at Jason. Jason shook his head, chuckled, and dove in for a kiss. When they parted, Jason said, “Sitting on your cock feels more right than any throne—no matter how fit for a king it might be.

Perseus laughed and pulled Jason in for another kiss. Yes, Jason thought, they had to do this more often.