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Nova Olympia

Chapter 2 – Break Room Shenanigans

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Percy had just about finished punching in the code for coffee, just as Jason liked it, that Octavian had so helpfully written down on the clipboard, when he heard a deep voice from behind him. “You know, Percy, I’m rather surprised and a little touched that you know just how I like my coffee.”

Percy nearly dropped the cup that he had been holding under the dispenser of the beverage replicator. “By the gods,” Percy gasped. Standing at the dispenser, he had been facing the door to the break room, but he had not seen Jason enter.

As he turned around, half-expecting a holographic projection of his boss, Percy was surprised to find Jason—in the flesh. “Sir,” he said, meekly, as he set down the cup of coffee on a nearby counter, “Please don’t startle me like that. I almost scalded myself.”

“Oh,” said Jason, a corner of his lips turning up in a little self-satisfied smirk—despite the fact that he did sound genuinely apologetic. Percy couldn’t quite comprehend how Jason managed it. “I’m sorry, Percy,” Jason drawled slowly. Percy didn’t know why, but he found the way that Jason said those words really sexy.

Percy took a step back when Jason walked toward him, but he found his way blocked by the replicator behind him. His eyes flitted to the security cameras installed in the room, but the lights flickered off, and the camera heads swung to point down at the ground.

Of course Jason had a neural interface with the security systems of this wing of the company headquarters. Percy felt rather stupid for thinking otherwise. Dr. Jason Grace lived almost entirely in the executive wing of Pantheon Industries.

Before Percy could move away, Jason’s hand darted out to grab his arm in a vicious grip. “No one will hear anything of what we talked about in my office except for Nicola di Angelo,” said Jason. Percy felt his heart skip a beat at the mention of Nico’s name. “Do you understand?”

Percy gulped audibly and looked into Jason’s intense blue eyes. He was beginning to see his boss in a new light. Jason was often spoken of in hushed tones as being serious, cold, and calculating, but rarely dangerous. Percy was beginning to think that those rumours were exactly what Jason wanted going around.

“H-how do you know about Nico, sir?” Percy stammered. His eyes brushed over Jason’s white-knuckled grip around his forearm. “N-no one is supposed to know about Nico.”

Jason released Percy’s arm and stood back, a confident smirk on his face. “What?” said Jason, “Did you think you were the only one with an inside link to the Hellenes?”

Frankly, that was exactly what Percy had thought. The security systems in the Hellene headquarters were far and away superior from most other systems save for those implemented among the member companies of the New Rome Group.

Hades himself has been working closely with the New Rome Group to undermine the Hellene Group.” Jason took another step forward, this time close enough to press his body against Percy’s, pinning the younger man against the replicator.

Percy felt a flush come to his face. He even felt a warmth stir in his loins. He had to admit that he had always admired Jason Grace from afar, but had never had the audacity to dream he would be this close to one of the most powerful and most walled-off people on the planet.

Gods knew that Percy hadn’t been this close to an attractive man in a very long time. He and Nico had had a brief stint together, but that hadn’t lasted very long. They had both come to the conclusion that they wanted very different things from a partner.

As serious as the situation he had found himself in was, Percy couldn’t help but feel a surge of arousal from the way that Jason leaned in toward him, breath hot and heavy against his ear.

“This goes beyond just Project SIBYL, Percy,” said Jason. “This is bigger than you and Bessie. This shouldn’t even concern you and Bessie, but what you’ve told me today is troubling. Very troubling.”

Jason’s golden hair, streaked here and there with silver despite the availability and affordability of rejuvenation treatment, brushed against Percy’s cheek and elicited a soft groan from his lips. “Good,” said Jason, cooing in his Personal Assistant’s ear. “Keep that up. Make this look like exactly what I want it to look like.”

Percy’s eyes shot open at the strange comment, and sure enough, he could see that the security cameras were once again trained on him and Jason. “F-fuck, Percy!” Jason groaned, surprising Percy with the way that his voice quivered with want, need, and arousal.

Jason’s teeth grazed the soft and tender flesh of Percy’s earlobe, eliciting another moan from him—despite his best efforts to stop it. Instinctively, Percy leaned his head back, exposing his neck to his boss. “You make me so… hard,” Jason drawled.

If Percy hadn’t been hard earlier, he definitely was now. The soft fabric of his standard-issue jumpsuit, which made it feel like a second skin, almost, did little to help his growing arousal. If anything, it only made it worse. The friction was just enough to stimulate him, but wasn’t anywhere near what he needed to feel fulfilled.

Jason gently guided Percy’s hand downward, the younger man groaning as Jason pushed his crotch into the open palm. The outline of a thick and heavy manhood was pressing against the comparatively coarse fabric of Jason’s more traditional slacks. “Yeah, that’s it,” Jason growled, as Percy, despite his better judgment, began to explore the member with his fingers.

The door swung open just as Percy started rubbing Jason’s cock through the pants. He didn’t know why he did it, but it felt right. Whatever the case, Jason groaned, the sound guttural and wanton, just as a petite woman entered the break room. “O-oh!” said the woman, evidently flustered.

Jason pulled away gracefully from Percy, somehow looking as put-together as he had been earlier—despite the obvious bulge in his pants. Percy, on the other hand, was practically scrambling over the replicator to hide, his eyes wide with shock at what he had just been caught doing.

“I-I’m so sorry, sir,” said the woman. “I-I wasn’t aware that you were in the middle of something.” Despite Percy’s utter embarrassment at being found out, he felt genuinely bad for the woman that had just walked in on his boss doing what HR would probably categorize as sexual harassment. Only, Percy couldn’t quite decide if he had actually wanted it or not.

“That’s alright, Mrs. Zhang,” said Jason with a genial smile. He straightened his tie around his neck and brushed back a few stray strands of hair. “Now, it is rare that I see you at Pantheon Industries. To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“O-oh,” said Emily, eyes flitting between Jason and Percy and then back. “I’ve been given leave from the NRSS Scipio, and was on my way to visit Frank. Admiral Ramirez wanted me to deliver a message that she is looking for you.” The cameras in the room powered down. “Outside the usual channels.”

Jason nodded and handed a slip of paper to Mrs. Zhang. Percy watched the exchange nervously, not sure whether his presence would be perceived as a threat by one of the most esteemed crew members of the Scipio. The cameras powered back on. “Please inform her that I will be with her in two hours,” said Jason. “And if you don’t mind, Mrs. Ramirez, do tell the hangar that I would like my ship prepared post-haste. Our young friend and I might want to take our fooling around somewhere more private.”

Emily nodded at Jason. She looked at Percy and smiled at his flustered face knowingly. “Of course, sir,” she said, before turning around to attend to whatever it was that Jason had sent her off to do.

Percy looked at his employer, eyes wide in bewilderment at what had just happened. Given the apparently-confidential nature of what Admiral Ramirez wanted with Jason, he had no idea why he wasn’t asked to leave the room.

Percy didn’t have the time to think about the matter too much. Jason stepped up to him, pressing their bodies together once again. “Now,” said Jason, moving back in to nuzzle Percy’s neck. “Where were we again, my Personal Assistant? Isn’t it your job to help me remember these things?”

Percy squeezed his eyes shut. He threw his head back and groaned as Jason pressed kisses to his neck. When he looked back at Jason, the older man was looking at him with a knowing smirk. “Ah yes, thank you,” said Jason, “This.”

Jason’s hand found Percy’s wrist again and brought it lower. Though, this time, as Percy palmed his boss’ cock in his hands, he felt Jason doing the same for him. This was wrong. So very wrong. He was pretty sure he and Jason were violating quite a few company policies about fraternizing between employees and superiors.

Then again, Percy supposed that if there was anyone to best be breaking company policy with, it was the man that was in charge of drafting and putting them up for the vote in the first place.

Percy moaned as he felt Jason’s teeth graze the tender skin of his neck. He did again when he felt Jason squeeze his manhood through the fabric of his jumpsuit—when Jason started stroking him.

Percy’s knees grew so weak that he buckled when Jason gently bit down on his neck. Thankfully, Jason was right there to catch him. Jason caught him in firm arms, somehow managing to look as composed as ever in stark contrast to his own flustered and ravished state. “Would you like to take this elsewhere, Percy?” said Jason, with a smirk.

Percy tried to formulate a response, but his mind was a whirling maelstrom of thoughts, fears, and emotions. He wanted this, but at the same time, he didn’t. He wasn’t sure what side to listen to, but having Jason so near was making it difficult to practice any sort of restraint. It certainly didn’t help that it was starting to seem like Jason was tickling him, a single finger swirling around the sensitive skin of his shoulder blade.

Percy looked into Jason’s eyes and saw a look of urgency in the stark blue. He furrowed his brows before the realization hit him. The finger that he thought had been stroking his shoulder blade earlier was actually tracing letters into his back. Say yes.

Percy looked at Jason, entirely uncertain. The tracing became more frantic. With seemingly no other options in sight, Percy relented. “Y-yes, sir,” he stammered, though he wasn’t able to stop himself from looking at Jason with wide, fearful eyes.

Jason’s demeanour changed dramatically once again. From urgent and almost pleading, he became confident and almost borderline arrogant. Jason stepped away from Percy, straightened his coat, and ruffled Percy’s hair affectionately—like Percy was a pet. “Good boy,” said Jason.

For reasons that Percy himself didn’t quite understand, he flushed at the gesture. His cock throbbed in his pants. “I’m sure you will like it at my home,” said Jason.

Percy’s world came to a grinding halt. Jason was taking him home? The opportunity was unprecedented. The CEO and de facto president of the New Rome Group of Companies was notorious for inviting very few people to his grand manse. The biggest parties held in his honour were never thrown on the grounds of his private property, they were always at the company headquarters instead.

Only Jason Grace’s closest friends had seen the interior of his grand house. Only they, and, if the tabloids were to be believed, occasional fucks, were ever invited there.

Percy was pretty sure that he wasn’t one of Jason’s closest friends, so he supposed he was about to become one of the ‘occasional fucks.’ Regardless, he felt rather calm about the whole thing. He was more nervous about not performing to Jason’s expectations, really, as it looked like there was far more to this than just mutual attraction. At least, he hoped it was mutual.

Percy didn’t get much more time to mull over his circumstances. Jason coughed, and when Percy looked up, he saw his boss holding the door to the break room open—presumably for him. “After you, Percy,” said Jason, sounding somehow both gentlemanly and lecherous at the same time.