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A Garland of Stars

Chapter 4 – A Star-strung Promise

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Nico had to admit that Perseus was exceeding his expectations—barely, but exceeding them nonetheless.

By the time that Perseus had managed to fit three fingers into Nico’s hole, the prince was a mess. He was shaking so badly from want and need. He wanted to get fucked, period. Whether it was Perseus or someone else was irrelevant. Granted, he did find the curve of Perseus’ cock rather intriguing.

Regardless of Nico’s thoughts on whether it was appropriate to fuck one of the contenders for his tournament, he couldn’t help but melt into Perseus’ arms when he felt the blunt head of the knight’s cock at his hole. “Who would have thought that Aides’ son would be such a slut for cock?” said Percy, voice gravelly and low, just like Nico wanted it.

The knight had been quite hesitant to do any dirty-talking earlier, but Nico had demanded it of him. Nico was more than pleased by the results. A tingle travelled down the length of his spine and pooled in the centre of his groin.

“Yeah, that’s it, isn’t it?” said Percy, nibbling on the lobe of Nico’s ear—something utterly unexpected from someone that was supposed to have only just left the Sanctum faith. It was more than welcome for Nico. “Yeah, buck those hips, slut. You want it inside you, don’t you?”

Nico groaned. By the Nine! He decided that he could definitely live with the idea of spending every night of the rest of his life with Perseus. He was opening up to the idea of marrying the sharp green-eyed knight already. The only thing stopping him was the possibility of Will actually showing up, but gods, Perseus knew exactly what to say to get Nico’s blood rushing.

“I bet that everyone believes that you are just so pure…” said Perseus, emphasising the word with a roll of his hips. “So… good.” Another thrust left Nico wanting more. All Percy was doing was rubbing his cock up and down the cleft of Nico’s ass and it drove Nico crazy.

“But I think you and I know very well what you are,” said Perseus. “You’re a slut.” A resounding smack echoed through the room as Perseus roughly slapped one of Nico’s ass cheeks. “Cock is what this pretty arse of yours wants, isn’t it?”

Another thrust sent Perseus’ thick and rigid manhood up and down the cleft of Nico’s ass, so tantalizingly close and yet still so far. Nico bucked his hips, trying to force penetration, but it was to no avail.

Perseus rolled his hips, but again, the stiff member avoided the twitching hole. “Êýla`za1” said Nico, when he felt the head of Percy’s cock finally pressing against his hole. “Êýla Nenn`za2 Csîndë thimë Perseus idë`za3” Nico whined as the pressure built but ultimately went away.

The next thrust never came, despite Nico waiting half a minute for it. He cracked one of his eyes open and was rather surprised when he saw Perseus frowning as though deep in thought. Just barely audible to Nico, the knight bit his lower lip and muttered under his breath, “By the Nine, I am so bad at Tretalleri.”

Nico could not help but burst out laughing, his lust for the knight—and any cock in general—momentarily forgotten. Red crept into Perseus’ cheeks as he tried to look anywhere but Nico’s eyes. It was ultimately a fruitless endeavour and almost abashedly, the knight asked, “Perchance you could repeat that in… uh… D’Lyndë Terredynnë4?”

Nico shook his head. “Terrelyndë, for your convenience,” he said. It wasn’t that Perseus was wrong, but practically no one called the common tongue of the Dominion “D’Lyndë Terredynnë”

Normally, Nico would have tossed anyone that dared talk linguistics in the middle of sex out of his bedroom, but the innocent dumbfoundedness on Perseus’ face was downright endearing. “I said,” said Nico, stroking the side of the knight’s face, “Oh! Oh, Nine! Fuck me, Perseus!”

There was a moment of awkward silence as Perseus tried to process what had just been said to him, but then, a slow grin crept across Percy’s lips. Nico sighed as he felt Perseus’ still-hard cock align with his hole. He wrapped his arms around Perseus’ shoulders, his fingers clutching the well-defined blades. “Is that so?” said Perseus, in a voice that was almost threatening.

One thrust forward was all it took to force the head of Perseus’ cock into Nico. The prince cried out in a mixture of pain and rapturous pleasure. “How do you beg for cock in Tretalleri?” said Perseus, teeth grazing along the side of Nico’s jaw. “Actually… How do you beg for a harder fuck in Tretalleri?”

Percy moved his hips, but only just. Every thrust was too small to bring Nico any pleasure, but large enough to remind him that Perseus was in charge. “Êyla Nenn`za” Nico complained, bucking his hips until Perseus put a stop to it and grabbed his waist.

“Beg for a harder fuck, my prince.”

Nico cried out when Perseus slammed into him. He felt Perseus’ cock sink into him right down to the hilt, and then just as he thought he was about to get royally fucked, Perseus pulled out until only the head was inside. “Alakrë setirina csândë thimë Perseus idë`za5” Nico whimpered.

Percy grinned and slammed his cock home. Back arching off of the bed, Nico praised the Nine as Perseus pistoned into him almost mercilessly. He was very glad that Perseus hadn’t understood the exclamation, because he had pretty much just threatened Perseus with a horrible fate if Perseus didn’t fuck him.

Nico clawed at Perseus’ back when the knight adjusted their positions to make sure that Nico’s prostate was rubbed by the head of his cock with each and every stroke. Nico hoped he wasn’t being too vicious. He couldn’t tell if his fingernails had dug deep enough to draw blood.

“Ah!” Nico cried out, when Perseus pulled entirely out of him and then slammed back in with no warning. His toes curled, and his thighs tensed from the intensity of the fuck. For a few more precious minutes, Nico was lost in the pleasure of having his hole filled. However, as was par for the course for men that did not know much beyond thrusting and coming, Perseus did not last very long.

Nico hadn’t even come yet—hadn’t even neared the edge of orgasm. Perseus shooting inside him, the warm come gushing against his insides, brought him to the edge. It was not enough to send him over.

Perseus collapsed on top of Nico, cock still firmly inside of the prince. As much as Nico wanted to reach down and stroke himself now, it was impossible. Without meaning to, he rolled his hips, eyes rolling back at the stimulation of having his cock head rub against the firm muscle of Perseus’ abdomen.

“How was that?” said Percy, lazily pressing kisses to the line of Nico’s jaw.

“It could have been better,” said Nico, rubbing his hands all over Perseus’ back as he continued to thrust his rigid manhood up and down the valley between Perseus’ abdominal muscles. He wondered, idly, if he could perhaps convince Perseus to roll over and get fucked. He really wanted to come. “I have not come yet, though,” said Nico.

Perseus reared up as though offended. He looked down, grinned, and rolled his hips. Nico whimpered, realizing that Percy was still hard as a rock inside of him.

“I am ready to go for another, if that is what it takes to get you to come without touching yourself, my little slut,” said Perseus with a lascivious grin. Nico shivered, the words almost sending him careening over the edge then and there.

“Besides,” said Percy, slowly thrusting into and out of Nico as he leaned down to whisper in Nico’s ear, “I want my seed dripping out of this pretty hole of yours as you watch me joust tomorrow. I’ll make sure to bury it deep.”

Nico whined, toes curling and legs clamping around Perseus’ midriff like a vice. The curve of Percy’s cock was so convenient. It thrust at and rubbed that one spot inside him as though made specifically for that. “I want the wetness in the seat of your breeches to remind you of who is going to win your tournament and your hand in marriage.”

Nico weakly slapped Percy’s shoulder. “s’Ladra fitë`na6” he groaned as Percy started to piston roughly into him. “Qarë vatra vittë stirë Di’Lertanys fitë`re7” Nico whimpered as Percy angled the next thrust to give him the most pleasure.


It was with great regret that Nico trudged out of the banquet hall that night. The festivities were ending, according to Aides, and despite his best efforts, he still hadn’t managed to find Will among the sons of the lords and ladies that had attended. He almost avoided the hilltop, since melancholy hung about his shoulders very heavily, but he decided that if he was going to find Will, it was most likely going to be at the spot that they had met at twice already in as many days.

Nico didn’t bother lying on the grass when he got to the hill. He clasped his hands behind his back and looked out over the city that he would one day, perhaps, come to rule.

“Prince Nykos,” said the now-familiar voice of the boy that Nico spent many of his waking moments trying to figure out. Nico turned to face Will, a small, sad smile on his face. “I know,” said Will, with an adorably awkward shrug, “You do not like being called that.”

“But,” said Will, taking another step closer to Nico—a single step closer than he had ever come the previous two nights. “There is something that I must know, and I want to speak to you as a prince seeking the hand of another prince.”

“If someone could catch the stars for you and fashion them into a gift worthy of your station, would you perhaps give them a chance to ask for your hand in marriage?”

Nico felt his heart skip a beat. His stomach did a backflip or two. He couldn’t even begin to process the question. His mind was running wild with speculation. Was this Will’s way of saying that he had intentions of courting Nico? Nico dearly hoped so.

The truth was that even after just two nights, Nico was sufficiently intrigued by the boy that stood in front of him that he was willing to agree to an engagement. It was only the fact that he had been taught better, and knew that he had responsibilities as the prince of his people, that kept him from eloping with Will.

“I think so,” said Nico, with a smile. “Even if that prince just tried to catch the stars for me, it would be enough to prove that they would go through all the trials of the world for me, and I think that no matter who they are, I could come to love them, eventually.”

An embarrassingly high-pitched giggle followed Nico’s answer, but it didn’t come from him. He looked at Will with a raised eyebrow, the corners of his lips twitching into a knowing smirk.

The silence between Nico and Will grew deeper and more awkward as the red on Will’s cheeks approached the colour of a plump tomato. Nico couldn’t help but laugh, guffawing and shaking as he listened to the giggle over and over again in his mind.

As he was shaking, the last thing that Nico expected, was for two firm hands to catch hold of either side of his head. He opened his eyes, scandalized and shocked, until the warm lips that pressed briefly against his drained not only the breath from his lungs, but the strength of his limbs.

When Will opened his eyes, Nico could see that the other boy was crying. “I will see you in ten years, Nico,” said Will, voice heavy and thick with emotion. “I promise that someone will catch the stars for you. I swear it.”

“Veýto vîdmë Di’Lertanys fitë`re8” said Nico, clasping his hand around Will’s arm. The other boy responded in turn.

“Neda Veýto girë Di’Teýna fitë neto rissë`re9” said Will, a soft sob escaping his lips. “Qarë darra fitë idë endë d’karidë fitë`re Qarë tenë vittë nirnë idalfitë ormeýdë retë`re10” he continued.

Nico took Will’s hand and placed the palm of it over his chest. “Tenë vittë nirnë idalfitë ormeýdë retë`re11” he said. A moment of silence passed before Nico started snickering at a realization that hit him as soon as he said the words. Nico tapped Will on the back of the head.

“Will,” Nico whispered, shaking uncontrollably, “Karidë is the heart—the literal heart. The muscle that pumps blood through the body.” Will’s cheeks turned even redder. “Karra is the figurative heart, the seat of emotions and feelings.”

“I’m an idiot,” said Will, laughing at his own illiteracy before leaning in and kissing Nico once again. “But I am an idiot that must say farewell, for now.”

With that, Will broke away from Nico, still teary-eyed but hopeful. Nico watched as Will turned tail and ran away—toward the city, not the castle. As Will’s back retreated from him, Nico could not help but think that maybe, just maybe there was something to this concept of a ‘destined’ partner.

Nico had to wonder whether Will was his destined and whether their bond and the promise that Will had made him would stand the test of time.


  1. Êýla`za — “Oh!” An exclamation that does not have explicit meaning but carries the connotation of lewdness. Not to be confused with Eýla, an innocent exclamation that carries the connotation of joy.

  2. Êýla Nenn`za — “Oh Nine!” An exclamation that is the equivalent of the English ‘oh god,’ particularly the phrase that is stereotypically yelled during sex.

  3. Csîndë thimë Perseus idë`za — Fuck me, Perseus!

  4. D’Lyndë Terredynë — Literally “The Language belonging to the Earth-born,” is the proper name for the common “language” that is spoken in the Dominion: Dominean.

  5. Alakrë setirina csândë thimë Perseus idë`za — Fuck me harder, Perseus!

  6. s’Ladra fitë`re — “You are lewd.”

  7. Qarë vatra vittë stirë Di’Lertanys fitë`re — What would the Stranger think of you?

  8. Veýto vîdmë Di’Lertanys fitë`re — May the Stranger protect you.

  9. Neda Veýto girë Di’Teýna fitë neto rissë`re — And may He guide you unto peace.

  10. Qarë darra fitë idë endë d’karidë fitë`re Qarë tenë vittë nirnë idalfitë ormeýdë retë`re — Keep me in your heart? Until we meet again?

  11. Tenë vittë nirnë idalfitë ormeýdë retë`re — Until we meet again.