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Nova Olympia

Chapter 11 – Daddy

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All the sounds that Percy made while Jason teased him were simply adorable. That was what Jason had decided in the last half-minute. The low-pitched whines and the soft wanton moans that Percy thought Jason couldn’t hear were just endearing, and despite himself, Jason wanted more.

When he and Jason had been together, Luke had been sensitive and rather receptive, but even Luke’s whimpers couldn’t hold a candle to Percy’s. Jason couldn’t stop; he took full advantage. He helped himself to Percy’s body, sampling it, tasting every inch he could get his mouth on.

Jason honestly couldn’t tell when the explosions stopped, or if they had at all. He was too invested, too enchanted by the shivers that travelled up Percy’s frame whenever he spent a little bit too long rubbing the frenulum of Percy’s cock. “I don’t know if anyone’s told you this,” Jason whispered, when he felt hot tears splash against his shoulders, “but everything you do is sweet. Even this.”

Percy cried out, as Jason swirled his thumb around the pre-come slicked glans of the younger man’s dick. The strangled yelp trailed off into a series of whimpers followed by even more tears. Jason removed his hand from Percy’s butt and rubbed the tears away with his thumb. “Why are you crying?” he said, his other hand drifting up from Percy’s member to cradle the boy’s face.

“Because,” Percy whimpered. Jason felt hips involuntarily buck against him. A stiff member slid up against his own, the shiver of pleasure that he felt was followed by a gasp not his own. “E-everything I know says t-this is wrong…” Jason felt his chest clench. “But I want this so badly.”

Jason gently stroked the side of Percy’s face as he let his other hand wander back down the curve of Percy’s back. As his fingers ghosted lightly over the soft skin, he could feel the arch of Percy’s spine grow more and more pronounced.

“Didn’t you say that you want to be able to do more?” Percy pressed his face to the crook of Jason’s neck. Jason could feel the warmth of Percy’s cheeks and could only surmise that the younger man was blushing furiously. “Don’t you want to take control of your life?”

Jason felt a shiver tear through Percy as he gently thumbed the triangle of skin that rested between Percy’s lower back and butt cheeks. He could feel Percy’s coccyx prominently there, and he realized for the first time that Percy might not just be slender, but actually underweight.

Percy nodded against Jason’s neck, involuntarily nuzzling into the curve of it as Jason rubbed the spot just above his tailbone. “Why not take this as your first step?” Jason said, softly, into Percy’s ear. “Tell the world to fuck off and that Percy Jackson sleeps with whomever he wants to sleep with.”

There was silence, for a few moments, broken only intermittently by sniffling and the occasional groan when Jason’s fingers dipped a little bit too deeply into the cleft of Percy’s ass. Jason couldn’t help but chuckle in surprise when he felt shy kisses being pressed to his collarbone. “That’s it,” he said in as soothing a voice as he could manage.

“Just forget about what others think is right and wrong,” said Jason. The hand that had been cradling Percy’s face, that had moved to Percy’s shoulder, clambered down Percy’s lean sides. “Find what you want and, if you’re not going to hurt anyone doing it, take what you want.”

Jason was hard, terribly hard, and the soft whimper that followed when his fingers found purchase on Percy’s cock only made him throb. Slowly, ever so slowly, he started to stroke Percy up and down. His fingers never strayed too far from the head, which he kept teasing with his thumb, but they followed the gentle upward curve of the younger man’s member.

“Beautiful,” Jason said under his breath. He hadn’t meant to say it out loud, but it had come out, anyway. Besides, he didn’t think there was any harm done by saying that Percy was beautiful. It certainly seemed to help, when he felt teeth graze the skin of his shoulder after a soft whimper of pleasure. He stroked Percy again, squeezing Percy’s dick between his fingers. Percy nipped at him in what Jason could only hope was a playful manner.

Deft slender hands traced the shape of Jason’s shoulders. They followed the curves of the muscles, almost as though they were cataloguing them. Fingers lightly played across the skin of his neck, and then up along the line of his jaw.

Jason would have caught those fingers in his own as they made their way up the sides of his face to tangle in his hair, but when he tried to let go of Percy, he was met with a disgruntled huff.

The sudden change of pace—of attitude—was a welcome one. As time went on, and as Jason’s hands grew more and more slick with Percy’s pre-come, the hands that were exploring his head became emboldened. Percy was beginning to assert himself. Jason felt fingers on his scalp, then his forehead, then over his eyes.

One finger strayed close to Jason’s lips. He kissed that one, and then gave it a playful nibble. The response was unexpected. He felt Percy tense and then shudder. A low groan—musical, to Jason’s ears—slipped from Percy’s lips. He removed his fingers from Percy’s cock just in time to feel it pulse but not spew. “Tut-tut,” said Jason, gently tapping the crown of Percy’s dick with his finger. “Let’s not hurry,” he said.

The yowl that followed, when next Jason darted forward and caught the lobe of Percy’s ear between his teeth, almost drove Jason to the edge. He could feel the leg that Percy had thrown over him at some point in the recent past—he wasn’t sure when—stiffen, toes curling in pleasure.

Jason gave Percy’s ear another nibble, one that was once again satisfactorily answered with a whine. Jason thrust his hips up at Percy, bringing his own heavy member near Percy’s. He let Percy’s smooth balls rest on top of his cock head for a moment, and then rubbed their two manhoods together.

Percy let out a strangled yelp of surprise. Jason could only imagine it was because Percy had not expected him to be so big. “Like what you feel?” said Jason, wrapping his fingers around their cocks.

“Y-you’re so big,” Percy whimpered. Jason could almost hear the desperation and the thinly-veiled want in Percy’s voice. He took one of Percy’s hands, the one that had been idly rubbing his shoulder, and placed it on his chest.

Immediately, Jason felt slender fingers exploring every crevice of his sculpted abdomen. He felt fingers so much more accustomed to handling sensitive specimens under a microscope go to work feeling every inch of him. He bit back a groan as his nipples were tweaked, and a palm was dragged through the light smattering of hair in the centre of his chest.

The hand wandered further down, pressing against Jason’s well-defined abdominal muscles. Fingers found their way into the grooves between them, and then into the V that led straight to Jason’s groin. A thumb and an index finger plucked at his treasure trail, but instead of pain, it sent shivers of pleasure down Jason’s hardness.

Jason removed his fingers from their shared erections and let Percy try to stroke them. Percy’s fingers barely encircled their combined girths, but the boy managed to make it work. One upward stroke was all it took for Jason to feel Percy’s legs trembling, quivering.

Jason cupped Percy’s ass with the palm of his hand and tweaked Percy’s quivering entrance with his index finger. The boy gasped and pressed his hips back, inviting the pad of Jason’s finger inside of him. Percy whimpered. His hips snapped forward, but not before the fingers of Jason’s other hand wrapped around Percy’s. He squeezed their manhoods tight just as Percy’s thrust made them slide against each other.

A high-pitched whimper was all that Jason heard, but the pleasure in it wasn’t lost on him. He didn’t move from where he lay, letting his hands do all the hard work. It wasn’t hard to tell that Percy liked the pressure on his ass. Every circle that Jason traced around Percy’s twitching hole was met with a shiver of pleasure and a clenching of cheeks. It was no secret, either, that Percy loved feeling their dicks slide together, judging from how hard he was trying to thrust into Jason’s hand without pushing back.

Jason pressed his lips to Percy’s as he stroked their cocks in tandem. Percy whined into his mouth, but he simply caught Percy’s lower lip between his teeth. Jason wriggled his finger against Percy’s hole and groaned when Percy opened up for him.

With every up-and-down stroke, Percy whimpered into Jason’s mouth. By the time that Jason was struggling to keep himself from going over the edge, Percy was wantonly pushing back on his finger and thrusting into his hand. It was almost too much, but Jason rather liked priding himself on his stamina and he wasn’t about to let himself come before Percy did.

Jason pulled away from Percy and pressed kisses to the curve of Percy’s jaw. Every stroke sent a shiver up his own spine, but every stroke also made Percy writhe against him.

“D-da—Jason!” The strangled cry came just as Jason felt Percy’s cock pulse and swell against his. He let go immediately and relished the frustrated whimper that followed.

“Come on,” said Jason. He traced his fingers, teasingly, up the gentle curve of the underside of Percy’s cock. “You can say it.” Percy groaned and bit into his shoulder. “Tell me what you want, Percy.”

“D-da—No. I-I can’t.” Percy gasped when Jason rubbed his thumb over the sensitive glans of Percy’s dick. He gently pressed at the slit that was liberally leaking pre-come. “Jason, please,” he whined.

Jason nibbled on Percy’s ear. “I would love to hear you say it, Percy,” he whispered.

“F-fuck!” Percy let go a strangled yelp as Jason pressed his finger deeper into Percy. Percy whimpered as it was wriggled around inside of him. “P-please, daddy,” Percy said. Jason wrapped his fingers around Percy’s shaft. “Please, daddy, I want to cum!”

“I love it when you call me that,” Jason drawled in Percy’s ear. He tightened his grip around Percy’s erection, eliciting a gasp from those soft lips that were sure to be bruised by now. Jason pumped his hand up and down, squeezing intermittently to the sound of Percy’s desperate whimpers. “Good boy,” he cooed. “Come for me.”

“N-no,” Percy gasped. “I-I can’t do this,” he said. Jason felt a pang of fear in his heart as Percy struggled to push away from him, but he held Percy close. Jason didn’t want to scare Percy away. As he held on to Percy, he silently cursed himself for his lack of self-control.

“No,” Jason said, firmly. “Enjoy this, Percy,” he said. “You don’t have to do the whole daddy thing if you don’t want to.” He felt Percy shiver at the word. “If you aren’t ready yet.” He quickened his stroking of Percy’s cock, drinking in the pretty sounds that the boy made. “But come for me. Enjoy this.”

Jason removed his finger from Percy’s entrance and pressed his free hand to Percy’s stomach. “Jason!” Percy screamed, legs flailing as he tried to thrust into the merciless stroking. Jason felt the muscles grow taut under his hands, felt Percy’s arms around him tighten. “I-I’m coming!” Percy shouted. Jason felt the first spurt of hot come splash against his hand, but he didn’t stop stroking, he pumped his hand faster and faster.

“J-Jason!” Percy practically yelled. Jason felt fingers digging into the flesh of his back, nails clawing at his shoulder blades. Percy’s abdomen expanded and contracted as he gasped. Percy’s cock swelled and spurted in his hands, the flow of come seemingly endless. “Jason, please,” Percy panted, when at last the orgasm subsided.

Jason stopped and let go of Percy’s cock. He could feel slick come on his chest and on his stomach. The sheer volume was rather impressive for one so young. “You did so well,” said Jason. “So well.”

Jason scooped up come from his chest with two fingers. He held it up to his lips and tasted it. Sweet. Salty. Fresh. Just the way he liked it. He slurped up the come and cleaned himself of it. He didn’t swallow it.

Jason pulled Percy toward him and kissed the boy. Percy moaned at first. Jason suspected it was because the taste of his own come was foreign to him, but as soon as Percy realized what it was, he squirmed against Jason and pulled away. “Don’t like your taste?” said Jason, fingers fumbling around in the dark as he reached up to stroke Percy’s cheek.

“N-no…” said Percy. The embarrassment on the boy’s voice was almost palpable in the air. “I-I want to taste you,” said Percy. The words came slowly. The phrase was halting and almost reluctant.

And then, Percy spoke bashfully, quietly, so softly that Jason would not have heard him if not for the utter silence that was wrapped around the two of them. “Da—” said Percy, followed by a deep and resigned sigh. “Daddy.”

Jason had to resist the urge to grab Percy, flip the Percy over, and have his way with him. Fuck. The way that Percy said that word made him crazy. He was sure that given enough time, Percy could make him come just saying that word. “Well,” said Jason, voice both sultry and strained from the self-control he was exerting, “I haven’t come yet. Would you like it straight from the tap?”

Immediately, Jason could feel Percy’s cheeks warm underneath his fingers.