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Nova Olympia

Chapter 12 – Sugar

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Percy’s hands had clung to Jason’s shoulders the moment he came, but now, Jason could feel them falling away. One of them found its way down Jason’s chest, creeping down toward his groin. The hand traced over the ridges of his muscles, fingers splaying over his midriff. Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity, Jason felt Percy’s slender fingers wrap around the heavy girth of his cock.

“F-fuck,” Percy said, under his breath. A soft, adorable, nervous laugh bubbled from those lips. The tension that Jason had felt in Percy’s frame earlier melted away under his fingers as he massaged the boy’s shoulders. “I-I don’t think I’ve ever felt one this big before,” Percy whispered, in the darkness.

Jason brought one of his hands down Percy’s side, drawing his fingers teasingly over the supple skin of Percy’s pert butt. He reached around and stroked the curve of Percy’s still-hard dick with the pads of his fingers. “I don’t suppose you’ve had a lot of experience in that regard, then?” he said, teasingly.

A soft gasp slipped Percy’s lips. “G-gods,” the boy moaned. “That feels so good…” A whimper followed as Jason gently thumbed the sensitive glans. “I can’t say I’ve had a lot,” Percy managed, after a wordless few moments.

His voice low in the darkness, Jason said, “I’ve had a lot of experience.” A warm breath ghosted over his shoulder. The dick he loosely cradled in his fingers jumped.

“I’ve had a lot of men,” Jason drawled. He gently drew a single finger up the underside of Percy’s cock. He bit back the groan that threatened to spill when Percy squeezed his erection. “And let me tell you, sweetness,” said Jason, as he pressed a kiss to Percy’s cheek. “I’ve never had the pleasure of touching a cock this beautiful before.”

Jason felt Percy’s cheek grow hot against his lips. The hand around his cock twitched, and then tightened. He caught the lobe of Percy’s ear with his teeth and nibbled on it just as Percy’s hand began to pump him up and down. As Percy slid his foreskin over his glans, he moaned into Percy’s ear and felt the boy stiffen against him.

Jason’s other hand, the one that wasn’t busy teasing Percy’s cock, made its way down from Percy’s shoulder to Percy’s taut chest. Shivers followed the feather-light touches of his fingers, and a cry of pleasure came after he tweaked a noticeably-erect nipple.

The fact that Percy was so sensitive was not lost on Jason. He suspected augmentations, but he doubted such was the case. Either way, he would’ve been lying if he said that he didn’t love it.

“If you want to taste me,” said Jason, with a devious smirk that he was glad Percy couldn’t see in the darkness. He tapped the head of Percy’s cock, and then gently grabbed Percy’s wrist with the hand that had been teasing the boy’s member. “We should do this the right way,” he said.

Jason removed his one hand from Percy’s chest and felt around his back for the edge of the bed. He found it. “You want to suck my cock, boy?” said Jason, voice low and almost growling. He suspected he was going a little bit too far, like he had with the daddy stuff, but he wanted to find Percy’s present limits. “Only way you’re getting it is on your knees,” said Jason.

Jason felt Percy tense. He was afraid, for a moment, that Percy would push him away, but instead what he got in response was a low moan. He gently lowered one of his hands to Percy’s cock and found globs of pre-come leaking liberally from its tip. “I’ll take that as enthusiastic consent,” said Jason, as he brought his slicked thumb to his lips and savoured the salty-sweet taste of Percy.

“F-fuck,” Percy groaned. “C-can you just…” Jason shivered at the whimper that followed. “Just stop talking… You’re going to make me come.”

Jason lowered his voice on purpose, forcing a gravelly texture onto his words, “No,” he said. “Who do you think’s in charge here?” he said, biting back a moan when Percy whimpered, again. He stroked the sides of Percy’s cock, his fingers feather-light. He felt the rigid member pulse under his touch, but he knew that it wasn’t nearly enough to make Percy come.

“G-gods, Jason,” Percy panted.

Jason grabbed Percy with no pretense of gentleness. He let his fingers dig ever so slightly into the skin of Percy’s arms. He rolled Percy across the bed and over him. “Feel the edge of the bed?” he said.

“Y-yes, sir,” said Percy, voice trembling. The palpable anxiety in Percy’s voice only wicked away the restraint that Jason was struggling to hold on to.

“Get on the floor,” said Jason, his voice low and almost threatening, “and get on your knees. Keep your hands behind your back, and don’t you dare jerk yourself off without my permission.”

A strangled whimper followed the forceful, authoritative words. “Gods, fuck,” said Percy. “I-if you keep talking like that, I-I’m telling you. I’m going to c-come.” Jason reached down between his legs and wrapped his index finger and thumb around Percy’s balls like a vice.

“Oh,” said Jason, voice even lower than before. Percy slowly clambered down the side of the bed at the sound of Jason’s voice. “You think you can do that without permission from me?” said Jason. “No.” Jason swung his legs over the side of the bed when he felt Percy’s weight leave it. “You don’t get to come unless I say so.”

Percy whimpered. “Show me where you are,” said Jason. “Find my knee and place your right hand on it.” Jason felt a tentative hand feeling along the edge of the bed for him. Eventually, slender fingers found their way onto his knee, trembling.

Jason spread his legs, allowed every part of him to hang loose over the edge of the bed. He took Percy’s hand on his knee and slowly drew it over the inner side of his thigh. “Get in position and put your hand behind your back,” he said.

The meek silence with which Percy seemed to follow his orders gave Jason a heady rush. He was high on the authority he was wielding over the boy, and as he threaded his fingers through the hair on the sides of Percy’s head, his cock dripped a glob of pre-come onto the floor.

Jason pulled Percy’s head toward him. He smiled at the rustling and the soft groans that followed as Percy struggled to follow. “Lick the head,” he commanded, bringing Percy’s head right between his legs. He hissed when he felt hot breath wafting over the head of his cock, then he groaned when he felt a tongue lick his piss-slit tentatively.

Jason felt pre-come spurt form the tip of his cock, followed by a hesitantly eager tongue that lapped it up. “That’s it, boy,” said Jason, pulling Percy’s head closer. The boy shuffled along the floor. “Lick the shaft.”

A tense moment followed Jason’s command, but Percy relented. Jason felt a wet warm tongue sliding across the sensitive skin of his dick. He pulled on Percy’s head, guiding the boy deeper into the V between his legs. Percy licked him the whole way down, making him shiver with pleasure each time the tongue slithered over and under his cock.

Much to his surprise, and without any goading from him, Jason felt Percy’s tongue lapping at his heavy balls. He bit back a gasp when Percy, instead of kissing his nuts, suckled on them.

“Good boy,” said Jason, through gritted teeth. He groaned once as that warm wetness slid over his sack. He expected more, but more didn’t come. He growled in frustration when he felt Percy trying to pull away.

“C-can you stop calling me that?” said Percy, stammering and timid.

“Calling you what?” said Jason. He took his cock in his hands and gave it a stroke or two, groaning as he did. He heard a soft whimper from Percy.

“Boy,” said Percy. Jason could almost imagine it, Percy looking bashfully at the ground, hands still behind his back, cock jutting out from between his legs. He could almost feel the heat that was sure to be splashed across Percy’s cheeks and over the tips of Percy’s ears. It was delicious. “I’m not a boy anymore!”

Jason reached down between his legs, tentatively, until he found a chin that was surprisingly wet with tears. “Are you not?” said Jason. “Is that really the reason you want me to stop calling you that?” Jason rubbed Percy’s cheek with his thumb, wiping away tears, “You forget. I was first generation on ARKIII. It took us three thousand years to get to Vita Lyrae.”

“No matter how old you get, compared to me, you will always be a boy.” Jason felt as though the words were cruel, but he could not take them back. Besides, they were the truth. “But that’s not why you want me to stop, is it?”

“No,” Percy muttered, meekly.

“What was that?” said Jason, tilting Percy’s head upward. Neither of them could actually see in the darkness, but there was an innate authority associated with the gesture that Jason was confident both of them understood.

“No, sir,” said Percy. Jason could feel Percy quivering. “I-I want you to stop because…” Percy took a deep breath and released it in a sigh that wafted over Jason’s cock and made it jump. “It… It turns me on so much and I don’t know if I like that… And… If you don’t stop, I might just come.”

“Then tell me,” said Jason. He scooped up pre-come from his cock and held it up to Percy’s lips. “Do you actually want me to stop? Or do you just want to make not coming easier?”

Percy’s tongue darted out to taste the fingers that Jason held up to his lips. Jason shivered as he felt Percy licking his fingers all over, and then eventually suckling on them. The sounds that Percy made while he slurped at Jason’s pre-come were simply lewd.

“I’ll take that as no, you don’t want me to stop,” said Jason. The corners of his lips twitched upward in a smirk, one that he was somewhat frustrated Percy couldn’t see. “So guess what, boy,” said Jason. “You’re just going to have to practice self-control.”

Jason clamped his hands to either side of Percy’s head and pulled the boy back in. He pushed Percy down a little bit so that his balls could rest on the bridge of Percy’s nose. “Tell me, Percy,” Jason drawled, “how do I smell down there?”

“Clean,” Percy panted. Jason felt the boy sniffing, the vibrations sending shivers through his groin. “Musky. Manly. Gods.” Percy whimpered. “Gods. You smell so good.” Percy nuzzled his sack with abandon, nose buried in the space between his balls.

“You wanted to taste me, right?” said Jason, pulling Percy away from the space under his manhood. “Get to it, boy,” he said. He felt a tremor tear through Percy, and when he pulled Percy’s head toward his groin again, he felt no resistance.

“Open up, boy,” said Jason. “Suck.”

The command, it seemed, was all the encouragement that Percy needed. Jason, honestly, felt attacked in the best way possible. Without guidance from the hands grasping either side of his head, Percy opened his mouth and tried to take Jason in as far as he could.

It wasn’t very far. Percy was halfway down Jason’s shaft when he met his limit. He choked, briefly, and Jason let him pull away a little bit. Then, lazily, Jason thrust his hips forward and groaned at the feeling of the warm wetness of Percy’s mouth around his cock.

“You better not scratch me with your teeth,” Jason growled, as he slowly pushed his hips forward. He used his grip on Percy’s head for leverage and shoved as much of his length into Percy as he could. Percy, to his credit, licked the underside of Jason’s cock as it slid deeper, at least until the engorged head hit the back of his throat and he choked.

“Don’t you want to take all of me?” said Jason, goading the boy into trying to take more of his hardness. Percy whimpered around his cock, the sound followed by soft choking sounds that Jason ignored. In fact, feeling Percy’s throat spasm around the head of his cock only made Jason hornier and more desperate to teach the boy to deepthroat.

Jason pulled Percy off of his cock just as the lights flickered on. He was treated to the utterly delectable sight of Percy’s teary-eyes and red face. Percy coughed, spittle flying from his mouth. “Again,” said Jason, making no effort to hide the smirk on his face.

Percy whimpered, but didn’t resist. This time, Jason got another inch further into Percy’s throat before the gagging became too much. He let Percy go, and smiled when the boy obediently kept his hands behind his back. He looked down just in time to see Percy’s cock dripping pre-come onto the floor.

“Again,” Jason said, putting all the authority he could muster in his words. “This time, suck me like you mean it.” Percy looked up at him, eyes still teary, but complied.

Percy fell on Jason’s cock like it was the last meal he would ever have. With what almost seemed like a hungry desperation, Percy licked Jason’s cock, suckled it, savoured it like it was a precious treat. Jason moaned and groaned as Percy took him deeper and deeper.

“Look at me,” said Jason, when Percy started gagging again. Wide sea-green eyes turned up to look at him, and Jason nearly lost his load. “You’re so pretty with your lips wrapped around my cock, boy,” said Jason, nearly growling the words out. Percy whimpered around his cock. Jason involuntarily snapped his hips forward, burying Percy’s nose in his bush.

Percy gagged, again, but Jason saw something come alight in those eyes. He let go of Percy’s head and the boy pulled off of his cock for a moment, to recover. He looked at Percy. Percy looked at him. Then, Percy swallowed him to his root.

Percy choked on Jason’s length one more time, and had to retreat one more time. There was definitely determination in Percy’s eyes now, Jason thought to himself. Whatever else he was trying to formulate in his mind was blown to pieces when Percy practically inhaled his length again.

Jason could feel the come boiling in his balls, his abdomen contracting to get ready to spurt his seed. Jason pushed Percy off of his cock. “Open your mouth, boy,” said Jason, the words harsh and raw. He took his cock in his own hands and began to pump it. “Tongue out. That’s it.”

“Fuuuck,” Jason groaned. He squeezed his own nipple. “The things you do to me, boy,” he said. The first spurt came almost unexpectedly. Jason saw stars from the force of the orgasm, but he didn’t miss the way that the strand of come fell on Percy’s face and hair.

Another shot and then another and then another came. Each of them fell on Percy’s face like a perverted blessing from a lewd god. It took a while for Jason to come, the sheer volume of his semen was astonishing. Percy took it all, wordlessly.

By the time that Jason came to his senses, he looked down at the boy. He saw strands of his own come clinging to hair and eyelashes. He saw droplets of it dripping from Percy’s red cheeks to the floor under his knees. Percy’s eyes were closed as though he were in supplication, and frankly, Jason loved that.

But perhaps the best part of the licentious image was the pool of come that had gathered on Percy’s tongue and the way that the boy was quivering. “Go ahead,” said Jason, pressing his fingers up against the underside of Percy’s chin, “It’s rude not to swallow.”