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Nova Olympia

Chapter 13 – Regrets

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Jason waited for Percy to follow his orders. He watched the boy expectantly as the moments ticked by, waiting for those soft lips that had been wrapped around his cock to close and swallow his come. He felt a surge of anger when he realized that there was still some resistance in the boy.

Jason felt, in some small part of him, that he was going too far. However, truth was, the way that Percy quivered, cock dripping pre-come like a faucet, had already pushed him far beyond the point of no return. His earlier concerns about consent had been cast aside, and frankly, since Percy seemed to be so receptive, he didn’t think he needed to be concerned.

“Are you going to swallow, or not?” said Jason. There was a twinge of genuine disappointment to his voice along with impatience. Jason felt the boy tremble; the corners of his lips turned up in a self-satisfied smirk. His words had had the desired effect. “Do you need help with that?” said Jason. Slowly, abashedly, the rosy red colour on his cheeks brightening, Percy nodded. “Fine,” said Jason. “I’ll help.”

Percy sighed, shoulders slumping forward in visible relief, only to tense up again when Jason reached forward and pinched the boy’s nostrils shut. Percy struggled against Jason’s grip, but to no avail; Jason was simply too strong. He applied a gentle upward force on the bottom of Percy’s jaw. He watched with salacious glee as the boy struggled to breathe through his come-filled mouth.

The moments ticked on, Percy desperately trying to breathe without inhaling the seed on his tongue. Jason grinned as slowly, inexorably, Percy shut his mouth and swallowed. Jason shivered at the sound of the audible gulp, his eyes following the contraction of Percy’s throat downward.

“Open up, boy,” said Jason, gently tapping Percy’s cheek. The boy opened his mouth and took gasping breaths, whimpering with every other inhalation. “There’s more that you need to clean up,” said Jason. Percy groaned, and Jason watched with great interest as the boy’s cock jumped and dribbled pre-come on the floor.

Jason reached down and swirled his fingers around in the come and pre-come that had fallen onto the floor. He scooped up the come that had fallen on Percy’s thighs, too. He held up his fingers to Percy’s mouth and watched, rapt, as he let the slick concoction drip onto Percy’s tongue.

“Don’t swallow until I tell you to,” said Jason. He took the pathetic whimper that followed as a sound of affirmation. He raised his fingers to Percy’s face and scooped up all the come that he could from the boy’s cheeks, chin, and hair. He slipped his fingers back into Percy’s mouth and waited until the boy licked them clean.

Then, and only then, did Jason remove the come that had fallen over Percy’s eyes. He gently scooped up the slick white strands that clung to Percy’s eyelashes and fed them to the boy. “Open your eyes, boy,” he said.

Obediently, Percy did, his sea-green eyes glittering with tears. Jason removed his fingers from Percy’s nose. He leaned back for a few moments, examining the utterly depraved image of the boy that was on his knees in front of him. “You look so pretty like this, too,” said Jason, smiling as Percy desperately tried to gasp for air without swallowing what was on his tongue.

“Swallow,” said Jason, after a few moments more of examining his handiwork. “Do it like you mean it, this time.” Percy whimpered again, but didn’t resist, this time. Just as Percy was about to close his mouth, Jason clucked his tongue. “Oh,” said Jason, “I didn’t think I needed to tell you.” The red on Percy’s cheeks blossomed brighter. “Look me in the eye while you do it.” Meekly, the boy obeyed.

Jason watched, hungrily. His eyes were locked with Percy’s as the boy closed his mouth and swallowed. The gulp was audible in the silence, and Jason’s cock jumped at the sound. Percy whimpered, and though the effort at being inconspicuous was amusing, Jason clearly saw the boy lick his lips.

Clear fluid dripped from the tip of Jason’s cock as he watched Percy squirm where he knelt. The silence lengthened between the two of them, but Jason was perfectly comfortable. Moments later, a glassy look overtook Percy’s eyes, and the boy pitched forward.

Luckily, Jason was fast enough to catch Percy before Percy slammed face-first into the floor. The sudden catatonia would have broken the high of dominance that Jason had slipped into, except for the fact that it wasn’t exactly unexpected. The non-responsive state that followed eating Jason’s come had happened often enough to his numerous partners that he had become desensitized to it.

Some small part of Jason faintly remembered the first time that it had happened—as well as the shock that had followed. Whatever the case, that small part was all too easy to ignore. Jason supposed it was about time he got the courage to talk to Will and get to the bottom of why it kept happening, but for now, he wasn’t done with Percy just yet.

Jason held Percy against his thigh. He pulled Percy close to him and rested the boy’s nose against his groin. His cock, still hard, leaked pre-come onto Percy’s shoulder. He kept Percy there until finally, the boy started to return to him.

“Welcome back,” said Jason, as Percy’s eyes slowly cracked open. “Took you long enough, boy,” he said. There was still a dazed look in Percy’s eyes, a palpable sluggishness to the boy’s thoughts. “Are you ready to continue?” he said. “I’m not done with you yet.”

Jason tipped Percy’s chin upward. The boy’s eyes were glassy and unfocused. When Jason let go, Percy buried his nose in Jason’s bush and took in a deep shuddering breath. Percy’s eyes seemed to hone in on Jason’s throbbing shaft, and he tentatively extending his tongue to lick it. “I’ll take that as a yes,” said Jason, with a chuckle. “Tell me, boy,” said Jason, voice low and gravelly, “Have you ever been eaten out?”

Seconds ticked by in silence between Percy and Jason. When Percy finally turned his eyes upward, they were glazed and distant. Percy’s words were slurred when they came out. “I-I’m not that poor, sir,” said Percy, “I could afford to eat at restaurants when I wanted to…”

The part of Jason that found Percy’s state alarming was far too small, its voice too soft. The rest of him was inexplicably aroused by the sight. He found it excessively endearing.

“I didn’t ask if you had ever eaten out,” said Jason, a savage grin splitting his face as he stroked the sides of Percy’s face. The boy shivered against his leg and leaned into his touch. “I was asking if you had been eaten out,” he said.

Again, it took some time before Percy managed a response. Jason could practically hear the slow clicking of gears in the boy’s head. It was clear Percy was struggling to process the conversation, but that didn’t mean Jason was going to let Percy off the hook. Redness returned to Percy’s cheeks as he shook his head from side to side. The boy gave another desperate lick to the underside of Jason’s cock.

“No,” said Percy. He reached out with his tongue and suckled one of Jason’s balls. “No, sir,” he gasped, when the ball in his mouth fell away.

Jason reached down between his legs and pulled his cock away from Percy. The boy followed, seemingly on instinct. If Jason hadn’t known better, he would have thought Percy was enchanted by his cock. He pressed a hand to Percy’s forehead, to keep Percy away from his cock, and was rewarded with a high-pitched whine of protest.

Jason smirked. Caution tossed to the wind, he decided he was going to have fun with Percy’s current state. “Get on the bed, boy,” he said, with the most authoritative voice that he could manage.

Percy groaned, but he followed the instruction. Jason watched as Percy slowly clambered over him and onto the bed, cock bobbing up and down as he moved. Jason slapped the boy’s pert butt as it passed by him. “Hands and knees, boy,” he said, delivering a slap onto the other cheek.

Jason waited patiently for the shuffling to stop before he turned around. Unsurprisingly, Percy was there, on his hands and knees. The only problem was that Percy was swaying dangerously from side to side.

Jason swung his legs onto the bed, balancing himself on his knees as he made his way to Percy. He pressed a hand to the space between Percy’s shoulder blades. “Down, boy,” he said, as he applied a steady pressure on the spot. Percy did not resist. The boy followed Jason’s hand and its firm guidance until his chest was flush with the sheets, back arched to present his ass.

“Spread your legs,” said Jason. Percy did as he was told, shuffling his knees apart until his cheeks were parted just enough to show Jason his twitching pink hole. Jason licked his lips. He wondered how long it would take for him to make Percy to come with just his tongue.

Jason lowered himself between Percy’s legs. “So pretty,” he said, wafting warm breath over Percy’s most private entrance. It was somewhat puffy from the fingering he’d given it earlier, but that didn’t stop it from winking at him. “You know what I love more than the taste of come from a boy?” said Jason, slapping one of Percy’s butt cheeks hard enough to leave a red hand print. Percy yelped.

Jason extended his tongue and prodded Percy’s hole with the tip of it. Percy shivered and whined. “I love the taste of a boy’s hole,” said Jason. “Especially when it’s bare like yours.”

Jason swirled his tongue around Percy’s hairless pucker, smiling to himself as he felt Percy’s knees give way. The boy panted heavily, whimpering at what Jason was sure was a novel sensation. He loved the sweet, earthy, surprisingly clean taste. “You taste lovely, sweetness,” said Jason. He licked his lips and dove back in, wriggling his tongue against Percy’s entrance.

“S-sir,” Percy groaned, words still slurred. “Sir please… I need to come.”

Jason briefly considered prolonging Percy’s suffering. He was tempted; he really was. However, he didn’t really want to be too cruel to the boy in what was clearly Percy’s first time being a sub. Nor did he think, really, from the way Percy’s legs were trembling, that the boy would last much longer anyway.

Jason knew that whatever endurance Percy had would soon be irrelevant. “You will not come unless I tell you to,” said Jason, spanking Percy’s butt cheek as a reminder. The boy whimpered his agreement. Jason pulled the boy’s cheeks apart until the puckered entrance was fully exposed—unlike earlier.

Jason leaned down and breathed in the clean scent of Percy’s hole. He let his warm breath ghost over the boy’s most private entrance before he dove back in. He pointed his tongue right at the centre of the quivering hole and wriggled it into the boy when he had the chance.

Percy gasped and bucked his hips back onto Jason’s face. The older man was well prepared to receive it. Jason gripped Percy’s ass tightly, making sure that the boy could move no more than however much Jason wanted him to. His grip was the only thing that kept Percy’s ass in the air when Percy’s legs finally gave way.

Jason wriggled his tongue deeper into Percy as the boy opened up to him. Percy was practically screaming his name, pushing back and pulling forward in time with Jason’s tongue.

“P-please, Jason,” said Percy, whimpering and whining. From the sound of it, Jason could tell that the boy was near sobbing. “I-I can’t hold back… Please!” Percy screamed when Jason swirled his tongue around the inner ring of Percy’s hole, deeper than Jason usually got.

Jason pulled away briefly. “Say it,” he hissed. He slapped Percy’s butt cheek, leaving another red hand print. Percy whined. “Say it!” he demanded, before diving back in. Percy screamed again.

“Please let me come, d—” Percy choked on the word. Jason slapped him on the ass for encouragement. Jason swirled his tongue inside of Percy, turning the boy’s legs to jelly. “Please, daddy!” said Percy, a sob tearing through him. “Please daddy, let me come.”

Satisfied with what he’d managed to extract from Percy, Jason decided that it was time to end the boy’s torment. He gave Percy’s hole one last prod with his tongue before he straightened. He kept his hands on the cheeks of Percy’s ass, keeping the pink and tender hole exposed. He rested the head of his cock at the puckered entrance before he leaned forward and whispered, “Come for me, boy.”

With a shudder and a scream, Jason saw Percy’s entire body go tense. Percy’s entrance spasmed against the head of his cock for a few moments, and then, Percy went slack. Jason didn’t need to look between Percy’s legs to know that the boy had thoroughly soiled the sheets.

When Jason let go of Percy’s ass, the boy collapsed into a heap on top of the sheets. “Don’t think you’re done yet, boy,” said Jason, landing another spank on Percy’s pert butt. He liked the way the supple flesh jiggled at the impact. “Lick up your mess.”


Jason lay next to Percy. The boy had collapsed almost as soon as Jason had declared that they were done. He was trying his best to administer after-care, but it was difficult to do that well when guilt was threaded through every fibre of his consciousness.

Jason gently rubbed the boy’s shoulders. He couldn’t believe what he had just done. What the fuck had happened to him? It was almost like his body—and his mind, subsequently—had entirely forgotten that he was with the inexperienced Percy, not Octavian—who spouted the word “daddy” at him at every possible opportunity. The broken, intermittent sniffles that came from Percy’s side of the bed felt like daggers being stabbed into his chest and twisted.

Jason noticed a hissing, a buzzing in the back of his mind. They were like intrusive thoughts, incomprehensible whispers. He reached up to touch his temple, the neural link briefly blinking blue in the darkness.

Why Jason had ever agreed to the Neural Link was beyond him. Reyna had an annoying habit of putting everything she sent to Jason on urgent priority. This time, though, Jason was thankful for the temporary distraction. Reyna’s voice, clearly recorded, filtered in through his consciousness.

“Grace,” said Reyna. Jason could clearly hear the smirk in her voice. “Seems you’ve found yourself another Octavian,” she said. “I asked Scipio to keep an eye on you two. He sent me the audio-clip of Percy saying daddy, daddy.” Reyna laughed. If only she knew the truth of what had happened in the room. “Anyway. Get to the bridge tomorrow at 0800. Thalia wants to talk to you.”

Jason sighed. “Of course,” he sent back, in reply, though he did so in text. “How nice of you to wait until I was done having sex,” he said, almost sarcastically. “I will see you in the morning. Or maybe earlier. I don’t know. I might need someone to talk to.”

Jason turned his thoughts to other things. He had finally done what he’d been meaning to for ages. Percy’s current despondent state and his associated guilt were the motivation that he needed to gather the courage to talk to Will. He’d asked the doctor to do an in-depth examination of his come and had told Will about the stockpile of his come and pre-come that he had, with great amusement, allowed Octavian to keep for lonely nights.

Hours later, three to be exact, according to his neural link, Jason realized that trying to sleep was fruitless. Percy had actually fallen asleep at some point in the last three hours, and Jason didn’t want to wake the younger man. He slid out of bed slowly, gently. He pulled on his pants and walked to the door. It slid open soundlessly.

Jason leaned against the wall of the bedroom. He looked around the living room for a moment before he walked over to the doors out of the living quarters. The doors hissed open, and then shut behind him. He really needed to talk to Reyna. There was no getting away from the guilt of what he’d just done.

When Jason rounded the corner, he felt the breath knocked out of his lungs. A heavy hand was pressed to his chest, and a black Tungsten Carbide blade was held to his throat. “What is this, Nico?” he hissed. The son of Hades was the only man he knew that possessed a weapon of such make.

Behind Nico was a very unfriendly-looking Will. The blond placed the palm of his hand on the wall beside Jason’s head and looked him in the eye, glaring. “Care to explain, Mr. Grace,” said Will, practically snarling, “Why the fuck do you have addictive compounds and nanites in your fucking come?”