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Nova Olympia

Chapter 19 – Octavian

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Jason descended the ramp slowly, warily, just in case there were people waiting in ambush to shoot him the moment he left his ship. There wasn’t anyone. In fact, the hangar was always as it was, empty and deathly quiet.

Jason walked up to the airlock that connected his personal hangar to the transparent, reinforced dome that encircled his entire property. Jason watched, with building apprehension, as Tempest connected to the infrared security system that he had had implemented within the house and on the grounds.

“Sir,” said Tempest, the crude eyes projected on the visor of the robot blinking, “There seem to be no hostiles in the vicinity. Visual and infrared scans have exposed no signs of life on the grounds. However, I believe that Octavian is waiting for you in front of the main entrance. He seems to be in a rather compr—”

“Thank you, Tempest,” said Jason, cutting the robot off. “I’ll take it from here.” Jason placed his palm on the print scanner in front of the airlock. A brief moment later, followed by a ding, the doors to the airlock hissed open. “Patrol the grounds if that will make you feel better, but remember your orders.”

Jason stepped through the secondary doors of the airlock onto the garden path that led up to the front of his mansion. Jason had always found the path itself to be hauntingly beautiful. The vines that he had coaxed into growing up the cast-iron lampposts that shed yellowish sodium lights on the cobblestone path were still flourishing and offered quite a bit of atmosphere to the place.

Flowers the colour of milky gold paraded down either side of Jason. Each one grew from a spiny stem entangled among many others in pristine hedges kept trimmed by an army of drones that he had employed to take care of the premises.

The grounds of the mansion were dead silent. If Jason had been anyone else, he would have found the quiet unsettling—eerie. However, he found the silence more than a little bit comforting.

Jason bent down to cradle a flower in between his fingers. He had bought the mansion looking forward to a life together with Luke. They had, early on, expressed the desire to take in children that were orphaned, or had otherwise experienced the pain of having a parent that just wasn’t interested in them. It was the only reason that Jason even bought such a large house, to begin with.

Jason brought the milky-golden flower to his nose. It still smelled as he remembered it. Just like Luke. Despite the machismo that Luke had so desperately tried to put forward as, officially, a member of Jason’s bodyguard, there had been a softness inside the boy that he had just found intoxicating.

After the disastrous end of that relationship, though, Jason had, in his rage, fired every single person that worked under his roof. He had re-hired them into his company, of course, but he had never again allowed anyone else but himself to tend to his home. The silence was deliberate. He liked to keep the place lonely. It was a bitter reminder of what he had lost to Zeus.

More than that, it served to stoke the anger that Jason carried inside of him, that righteous fury that he so often directed at Zeus.

Before Octavian, Jason hadn’t appreciated coming home too often. It was a reminder of what he’d lost, yes, but there were days when he needed to neither be angry nor sad. However, when he hired Octavian, the younger man’s insatiable lust managed to keep him distracted enough whenever he visited.

Thinking back to what he had just discovered, Jason had to wonder, how much of what he’d had with Octavian was real? How much of it was just the compound in his come? It hurt to think of, and he could feel his chest constricting at the prospect of everything having been a lie.

Jason peered over the edge of the fountain that stood in the heart of the manor grounds. Directly above him was the zenith of the dome that protected his home from the harsh elements of the surface world.

Jason made his way down the path to the front of his home. Marble colonnades replaced the hedges, which were further away from the path here than they were at the entrance to the dome. Wrought-iron lamps hung from the columns, casting flickering light on the large cobbles of the path.

Jason climbed up the steps to the front of his house. The columns that the architect had insisted on installing loomed over him like silent, foreboding giants. He set his eyes forward, though he wasn’t able to see past the stainless steel installation that made up the window of the front door.

Jason reached down and pressed his hand to the biometric scanner—one disguised as an inconspicuous doorknob—and twisted it. He felt a brief sting as his handprint was scanned. A ding and a click later, and the door swung open of its own volition.

Jason stepped into the foyer of his home, only to stop, pupils dilating at what he saw. His heart began to race in his chest, blood thundering through his ears. The heady scent of arousal in the air alone was enough to make his dick rigid as steel in his pants.

On all fours, chest pressed to the floor as a slick black dildo slid into and out of his hole, was Octavian. Wearing nothing but the jockstrap that Jason had affectionately called Octavian’s home uniform, the straps of which accentuated the boy’s butt-cheeks, Octavian was moaning wantonly like a cheap whore.

“Oh Daddy!” said Octavian, looking over his shoulders. Jason found himself instantly lost in those pale ice-blue eyes that were glazed over with need. “You’re here,” Octavian whimpered.

Jason bit his lower lip. His fingers involuntarily crept to his groin. He undid the button then unzipped the fly that held his pants together. Jason’s pants slid down his legs and pooled around his ankles.

Jason stepped out of his slacks, tearing off his underwear before he knew what he was doing. “I need you inside me, Daddy,” Octavian panted, thrusting the dildo faster and faster into his needy hole. “So—Ahh!—someone took the last of your come I had saved…”

Octavian whimpered. The sound tugged at Jason’s heart. Octavian sounded like he was on the verge of tears. “Daddy, I need your come inside me. Please. Please. Please…” Octavian rested his forehead on the arm that he had braced against the floor. “Fuck me, Daddy!” he said, “Please!”

As though possessed, Jason knelt behind Octavian, stroking his hard cock. “Oh yeah, boy,” he growled, “Daddy’s going to fuck you real hard. Just the way you like it.” Octavian whimpered as Jason wrapped his tie around the boy’s neck and pulled.

Jason reached down with his free hand. He slapped away Octavian’s hand, which was still pistoning the dildo into and out of the boy’s hole. He moved the dildo aside, but didn’t take it out of Octavian. He aligned his cock with the boy’s entrance and snapped his hips forward, sheathing himself in one motion—to the sound of Octavian’s strangled scream.

Jason pulled harder on his tie, wrapping it around his fist. Octavian’s back was practically flush with his chest, but he didn’t particularly care. The boy was choking, but he was too far gone. “How badly do you want Daddy’s come?” said Jason, voice gravelly as he thrust into Octavian without mercy.

“I-I don’t want your come, Daddy,” Octavian whimpered, fingers scrabbling at the length of fabric that was cutting off his air. “I need your come, Daddy,” he choked out, gasping for air as Jason readjusted his grip to loosen the tie he’d used as a makeshift collar.

“Oh yeah?” said Jason, “Even if it means I tear up your ass?” he said. Octavian whimpered, hips bucking back to meet Jason’s thrusts. Jason braced his free hand on Octavian’s chest, nails digging deep enough to draw blood. He bit into the flesh of Octavian’s shoulder. “Beg for it, slut,” he growled.


Percy rounded one of the many not-quite-corners of Adonis and started, surprised. One moment, he was with Annabeth’s avatar, but by the time that it dawned on him that it was too quiet, Annabeth was gone.

“Annabeth?” Percy whispered, looking around him with furrowed eyebrows. He was a bit concerned, frankly. Had there been another attack? The avatar had vanished without a trace. What the fuck was he supposed to think? The only warning he had before he was seized was the sound of doors he hadn’t even noticed hissing open.

Percy was about to let go a strangled scream when the darkened room that he had been pulled into slowly began to grow brighter. “Annabeth!” he exclaimed, when he caught sight of a familiar pair of silvery eyes and a flash of blond hair the colour of milky gold. He grunted when a pair of arms pulled him into a hug that was too warm for its own good.

“Glad to finally see you in person, seaweed brain,” said Annabeth with a smile. Percy staggered backward at the unexpected—but affectionate—punch to his shoulder. “I have to admit,” she said, as she chuckled, “I was surprised how much taller you were in person.”

For the first time since he had met her avatar, Percy finally took the time to actually look at one of the few friends he’d had back when he had been with the Hellenes. He was rather surprised to find that he stood a few inches taller than her.

“Stop gawking at me, Perce,” said Annabeth with a laugh. Percy pitched forward when she slapped the part of his back right between his shoulder-blades. “Come in, come in,” she said, with a smirk. “Don’t be afraid to get a little comfortable.”

Annabeth gestured toward the interior of the room. Percy, for the first time, saw the entirety of the room that he’d only ever seen in brief slices during his time with Bessie. Annabeth’s living room looked much more spacious now than it had seemed at first glance. In fact, the place was downright cozy. It was precisely the image of the futuristic room that was so often portrayed in 21st century movies that, despite his embarrassment at admitting such a thing, Percy loved to death.

“Glad to finally meet you, too,” said Percy. He certainly felt a lot better now that he had seen Annabeth in the flesh, but more importantly, he appreciated that she had managed to take his mind off of his thoughts about Jason. As troubling as what she had revealed to him might have been, he was glad that he was worried about other things now—instead of his sudden, intense, and utterly inexplicable desire to have Jason’s cock slammed hilt-deep in his ass.

“Come on,” said Annabeth, again, when Percy remained rooted to the spot. She pulled him into the living room proper and sat him down on the sleek couch that was in the middle of it all. Percy squeaked, surprised at how soft the cushions were. He sank deeper into his seat before he was even able to pull himself out of the form-fitting foam.

“There’s someone I want you to meet,” said Annabeth, leaning over one side of the couch and pressing a button that immediately made the couch’s cushions a little bit more rigid.

A door, set in the side of the room in such a way that it was hardly noticeable from the entrance, slid open. A woman, tall and beautiful, walked out of the darkened room beyond the door. She was about the same height as Percy, with intense eyes that seemed to shift colours with every breath and with every movement.

The stranger was beautiful, as far as Percy was concerned. More beautiful than her face, though, Percy felt, was the way that she and Annabeth stood together. His heart skipped a beat, a sort of longing sadness settling on his shoulders as he realized that he wanted to have the same kind of bond that the two women obviously shared.

“Percy,” said Annabeth, threading her fingers through the other woman’s, “this is Piper.” Piper walked over to Percy, pulling Annabeth behind her. She shook his hand, her grip stronger than Percy expected.

With Piper up close, Percy realized that she wasn’t as young as she had seemed from afar. There were lines around her eyes, probably from a lifetime of smiles, judging from the way they crinkled with her grin. Percy suspected she was about the same physical age as Jason.

“It’s nice meeting the infamous Percy Jackson,” said Piper, her wide grin melting into a knowing smirk. Percy had known her for barely half a minute and he already liked her. She seemed sincere and open in a way that few people did. He didn’t know what it was, exactly, about her, but he felt like he could relax around her.

“I hope you don’t mind me taking my leave now,” said Piper, eyes darting from Annabeth, to Percy, then back. “Hylla’s decided to take a few of us out scouting, just in case there are more of those bastards hiding out there.”

“Long or short?” said Annabeth, walking up to stand abreast of Piper. She leaned her head on the older woman’s shoulder.

“Long, I think. Hylla wants us to establish a perimeter far away enough that there’s going to be significant communications lag if we used the remote-control drones,” said Piper.

Something akin to concern briefly flashed over Annabeth’s face, but Percy quickly realized that Annabeth was much more in control than he had thought when the expression was quickly stifled. “Alright,” said Annabeth, gently stroking Piper’s arm. “Be safe out there.”

“Hey,” said Piper, pecking Annabeth on the cheek. “When have I ever not been?” Annabeth rolled her eyes at her partner, and Percy couldn’t help but ache after what they shared. His thoughts turned to Jason and he wondered if they could be like that. He forced his thoughts away and focused on the conversation happening in front of him.

“Besides,” said Piper, “this was supposed to be a surprise, so don’t tell anyone I told you, but we managed to capture one of the ships that ‘TITAN’ sent at us. She’s pretty big, actually. Lots of firepower. Clarisse has taken her to Gelos to get the scout ships. We’ve decided to name her Otrera.”

A light came on in Annabeth’s eyes. She got up on the tips of her toes and kissed Piper on the lips. “I see you know exactly what that means,” said Piper, with a laugh. “Alright,” she said, “I’m going to go ahead and get with the others while we wait for Otrera to pick us up.”

Piper untangled her fingers from Annabeth’s. Moments later, the door to the room hissed open, and then shut behind Piper. Annabeth slid onto the couch beside Percy, nonchalantly throwing an arm over his shoulders. “I wanted you to meet her because it’s not just you with a taste for older folk,” she said.

“Well, she’s not technically my superior, but, I am hers.” Annabeth smiled and patted the back of Percy’s hand. “It’s perfectly fine,” she said. “We can’t really choose who we fall in love with. Besides, it’s totally understandable if you like them a little bit more on the aged side.”

Percy could feel his cheeks warming, a pink tinge creeping into them. “Just like wine,” said Annabeth, with a wink, “they taste better the older you take them.”

Percy’s blush deepened, pink turning into a darker shade of red. He forced a laugh, but if he was being honest, he felt a little bit uncomfortable. He looked down at the floor between his feet. “Yeah,” he said, unable to help the tinge of discontent in his voice. “I’m sure you’re right.”

Annabeth patted Percy on the cheek. “Well,” she said, “whatever the case, I’m sure you’re dying to know why you felt so at-ease around Piper.” Percy hadn’t even realized that he was until Annabeth pointed it out, but now that she had, he was morbidly fascinated with the answer.

“Piper just has a way with people, I guess,” said Annabeth. Her look was thoughtful and partly dreamy. “Honestly, I think she can charm the pants off of anyone if she wanted to, but she’s more interested in the fighting stuff.” Annabeth must have noticed the strange look Percy was giving her, because she pinched his cheek again and said, “Don’t worry. Her charm has never quite worked with cute gay boys anyway.”