The Malkuthian Chronicle

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A website dedicated to the blog and the literary works of Malkuthe Highwind


Welcome to the Malkuthian Chronicle!

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Hello there!

The Malkuthian Chronicle is a place where I wish to host my stories. More than that, it is a labour of love and an attempt to get my worlds, that I have spent the last few years of my life creating, to a wider audience.

As a gay man, I often find myself longing to see someone like me in High Fantasy stories much like the novels that I grew up to love. It was difficult enough, growing up, to deal with the possibility that I wasn’t like everyone else. That I didn’t like “girls” like I was supposed to. Merely reading the stories of people who had to go through what I had to go through helped reassure me that there was nothing wrong with me, but I found myself wanting more.